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[FUN.Basel] LOGIN infos for the living room edition FUNBasel

Posted by jjerlich on 22. April 2020

Dear all,
I am extremely grateful that you made time for joining us tonight – in a time when your digital time is way too much already, and everyone is competing for it.

Here is the access information for our Webex session tonight:

Date: Wednesday, 22. April 2020
Time: 18:15, Europe Summer Time (Amsterdam, GMT+02:00)

Session number: 712 577 671
Session password: 123

To join the training session
1. Go to https://ciscolearning.webex.com/ciscolearning/k2/j.php?MTID=t93404e72d3447256209111c54d6c19d0
2. Enter your name and email address.
3. Enter the session password: 123
4. Click “Join Now”.
5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.


To view in other time zones or languages, please click the link.

For assistance contact Jutta Jerlich
If you have trouble joining, please write to me so I can hopefully guide you in:
Whatsapp or Telegram 078 7654 969
Skype ID jutta_jerlich

Can’t join the training session?

Please make sure that you have a few minutes of patience if you are logging into a Webex session for the very first time.

There are two ways to do so:
1. Download a small piece of software that serves as an extension – you need to actively install it after the download (otherwise you are downloading it again and again and nothing happens – I know that from experience).

After it is installed it is easiest to use the join a session path where you enter the Session number: 712 577 671 and Session password: 123

Please me sure that it is not a login you are clicking on, this is the wrong place.

2. Join through the browser. Have heard from some people that audio connection is not possible then – have not been able to verify this though or offer a solution.

Therefore please connect with me via whatsapp or telegram before our session: I planned 45 min before we start at 19:00 to make sure that no one is deterred by technology. Please be patient with me, I might be overwhelmed with inquiries for help. I will make sure that I attend to everyone. I am happy to get reminders, so please make yourself heard again, if you do not get a reaction from me after some time. Thank you!



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Supporting Zanskaris – Aide au Zanskar

Posted by jjerlich on 23. December 2018

My friends Marc and Ragni Pasturel never miss to amaze me. I love hearing from them.

This time I want to share a letter I recently received:

Dear friend,

In 2016 our NGO received a large [unsolicited] grant from a European foundation. It allowed us to start building a student residence for 24 students. We hope to complete it in 2019 and welcome its first residents in March of 2020.
In order to complete the building and cover the costs for the first year of residency, we still need to raise $25,000. Any amount will help us towards this goal.

In the isolated Zanskar Himalayan Valley in India our 30 year-old K-10 school for 300 students continues to excel. Each year we enroll 30 new students and for the past three years we have achieved gender parity !… Practically all students graduating from 10th Grade continue to higher studies outside of Zanskar. The Dalai Lama has added to our « Best in Zanskar » reputation by visiting four times !

Until now, all of our students live within walking distance of the school or on one of the two school bus routes. Children in remote hamlets cannot attend because they do not have family or friends near the school capable of lodging them. This condemns them to a substandard education in the nearest ramshackle school.

In 2016, a single person’s philanthropy allowed us to start building a student residence for 24 students. But in order to complete the building in 2019 and cover its first year operating costs in 2020 we must raise $25,000.

The document describes the project in detail, including a cost rundown and plenty of illustrations:

All information about our association and the ways to support us is colorfully presented on our website www.aazanskar.us.
Donation is tax deductible.

Thank you for considering us for your charitable contribution of 2018.
Any amount will contribute to our goal !

Marc & Ragni


AAZ-RBP-Octobre 2018

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Worte Wirklichkeit werden lassen

Posted by jjerlich on 10. December 2018

Zeichnen und schreiben können, erlaubt es, die Worte Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen.

Hier stellen wir 4 sehr gelungene Büchern von Silvia Gredenberg für Kinder, Katzenliebhaber oder feine Seelen, die eine Reise für die Augen und Ohren geniessen, vor.

von Silvia Gredenberg

Die Liebe für Katzen teilen wir – Micio ist das erste Buch für Katzenfreunde, die sich auf jeden Fall in der Geschichte wieder finden werden. Ein Buch für Menschen, die mit Katzen reden und umgekehrt.

von Silvia Gredenberg

Das zweite Buch für Katzenmenschen –

von Silvia Gredenberg

Hunde und Katzen gemeinsam? – Katzemenschen wissen, dass das auch gut geht. Manchmal …

von Silvia Gredenberg

Ich liebe es – jeder braucht ein Monsterbuch!




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So viel Mehr

Posted by jjerlich on 18. November 2018

Ich weiss nicht, wie es euch geht, aber irgendwie reduziert uns diese Welt der Technologie. Auf digitalen Wegen verliert man sich sehr schnell. Es braucht Zeitlimits, damit man nicht untergeht. Man muss Zeit vorsehen, jemanden Neuen kennen zu lernen können, Zeit für Freunde planen, sich miteinander auseinander zu setzen – super Wortkombination -, über Erlebtes gemeinsames entdecken und voneinander zu lernen.

Für mich ist das die Würze des Lebens. Leute zu entdecken, die tolles machen und mit denen ich interessante Momente erleben und mich aufgrund des Gelernten selbst weiterentwickeln kann.

Silvia Gredenberg

Solche eine Person ist Silvia Gredenberg. Silvia ist Malerin, Autorin, Eiskünstläuferin und auch Steuerberaterin. Jedes Gespräch, dass wir miteinander führen, ist interessant und befruchtet mich in irgendeiner Art und Weise. Das liebe ich.

Hier sind drei Bilder von ihr, die ich sehr mag:

von Silvia Gredenberg

Der Ball kommt – sehr feines Bild eines Mädchens.

von Silvia Gredenberg

Starke Frau, schön, interessant und voller Entschlossenheit

von Silvia Gredenberg

Ich liebe diese Farbkombination und kenne das Gefühl: Bin wirklichich gemeint?

Mehr von Ihren Bildern könnte ihr auf http://www.kunst-akt.com sehen



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The world is full of noise

Posted by jjerlich on 9. November 2018

The world is full of noise and those that are the loudest are the ones we tend to follow but what about the quiet ones?

If you take 2:48 min and listen to

like I did and be very curious about the quiet ones.

I have made it my mission to always include the quiet ones, to stand up for them, make space, be quiet to be able to listen with all my senses.

I am very sad knowing that all the ideas quiet people have are hidden, not shared with the world because the owners of these ideas are too shy to intercept and speak. In our fast time, every thing is fast, there is hardly a break at all in the flow of the day, in the discussion at work or at the conference you choose to attend.

The world needs all of us, it needs YOU. Your ideas and your views need to be heard,

It would be great if YOU give us the honour of sharing your thoughts with us so that we can walk this pathway together,

In case you don`t know, I am one of the quiet ones. I do take my happy time to come out, speak or share my views, at first I am the observer and listener before I have the courage to come out and contribute my expertise.

Why? Because I prefer the quiet way. I just don`t understand loud people.

I believe that really important things, things of the heart do not have to be spoken with loud voice.

Do you?

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Are you doing ok?

Posted by jjerlich on 23. October 2018

Do not wait until you have to use the emergency brake – share your thoughts and emotions …

A question asked very often, not often answered honestly and openly or to its full depth as it was meant.

I remember many times I asked this question to stranges I meant somewhere on the road, on an airport waiting for a connection, in a store or just walking by. Here is a short few lines our of a dialogues I remember …

Excerpt of a conversation

O: No not really. I’m feeling very tired and a little trapped in my work situation. I know what I need to do to change that but I don’t have the energy and am struggling with the motivation. I’m in the ‘in between place’. Leaving my old world but not in the new one yet. Thank you for asking.

J: Fully feeling you – this is the most difficult situation I can imagine. My health coach and best friend tells me that in that situation you need to listen to your body and rest. The energy will come again, but we do need to rest when our mind and body is telling us. I see it as a goodbye somehow. A time to acknowledge that the old ways were good for us also, we did right and well. And then it needs some unlocking time to disconnect from the old. It just can not work to jump from the old into the new. It needs an in-between to re-organoze, re-energise and re-focus. I am sending you a big hug!
Stay put and enjoy yourself to relax, sleep and do nothing. Give yourself the permission to do that. You certainly have the permission of the universe!


Thank you for the courage to share your inner truth with me, stranger!

One of the motivations why I organize FuckUp Nights is because it is an in-between place, a place of reflection where you can openly share your thoughts without being judged. This protection also works real wonders when you need to protect yourself from yourself.


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Zuhören ist nicht gleich Zuhören

Posted by jjerlich on 14. September 2018

Danke für diese Referenz ergeht an Manfred Wolf und vor Kurzem wieder erhalten von Susanne Baumann

Jetzt ist es wirklich angekommen.

Interview mit Dr. Claus Otto Scharmer

Es gibt drei unterschiedliche Formen des Zuhörens:

Wir sind ein gewordenen und werdender Mensch

  • Erste Ebene des Zuhörens: Ich höre nur das, was ich schon weiß
  • Faktisches oder Objektives Zuhören: Man möchte Daten entziffern, Neues entdecken
  • Empathisches Zuhören – Fähigkeit, ein Problem aus der Perspektives des Anderen zu sehen
  • Schöpferisches Zuhören – ein Potential erkennen, das noch nicht da ist

MOOC von Dr. Claus Otto Scharmer


edx Course



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Posted by jjerlich on 11. August 2018

Nicht vieles bleibt in unserer Erinnerung. Ganz besonders bei den vielen Events, Veranstaltungen, Meetings und Konferenzes es heute überall gibt. In Basel konkurrenziert jeder Veranstaltung an jedem Abend mit mindestens 2 bis 3 anderen.

Von Basel nach Wien schauend, ist das fast eine lächerlich kleine Anzahl der Konkurrenten. Dieser Abend ist mit in Erinnerung geblieben. Es ist beänstigend, dass er 2012 statt gefunden hat.

Im Rahmen der OPEN MINDS Reihe werden Podiumsdiskussionen mit interessanten Persönlichkeiten zu aktuellen Themen.

Hubert von Goisern hat sich 2012 mit dem Lied “Brenna tuats guat” über die Finanzkrise an die Spitze der Charts gesungen. Mitten in seiner erfolgreichen Tournee hat er sich im Oktober 2012, ganz genau am 08.10.2012, einen Abend lang Zeit für OPEN MINDS genommen.


Hubert von Goisern


Link: https://www.wu.ac.at/wutv/show/clip/open-minds-10/

Link: https://www.wu.ac.at/wutv/show/clip/open-minds-10-teil-1/

Link: https://www.wu.ac.at/wutv/show/clip/20121008-openminds10/

Das Thema ist grob umrissen “Mehrdeutigkeit”, was ist richtig und falsch, wie kann es sein, dass etwas richtig und falsch sein kann?

Ein sehr inspirierender Abend, den es sich lohnt, nach zu hören. Die Aktualität ist nicht weniger geworden.

Seine Gesprächspartner waren Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, Leiterin des Departements für “Gender and Diversity in Organizations” an der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, heute Rektorin der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

und Markus Hinterhäuser, Pianist, Kulturmanager und zukünftiger Intendant der Wiener Festwochen. Moderiert wurde der Abend von WU-Honorarprofessor Wilfried Stadler.

Mehr Informationen zur Veranstaltungsreihe “Open Minds“.

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Posted by olguitac on 23. July 2018

Time to let goA weight has lifted off my shoulders, the so called friends left on their own note and I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t have to move a finger because they got angry all in their own.

I can’t say it enough, because I’m one of those people that prefer to keep a friend, not hurt them and break up with them, even if you know they are bad news.

Last year I started talking with some friends which I had lost contact. I didn’t know exactly why we didn’t talk for a while, I just knew they were friends and no matter how long you don’t talk to each other, a friend is always a friend. Well, that’s what I thought.

After all I went through in the last year and they weren’t here to witness it, I put them up to speed. It was like we never stopped talking in the first place, until I started to see red flags. That’s when I remembered why we didn’t talk. The hate was real, I was so angry at myself for not noticing it earlier.

Even when they don’t know each other I found the same pattern in each of them. I would share one of my plans, they would tell me it is crazy, they didn’t want to support me, saying all kinds of things:

  • It’s not going to work.
  • It’s going to be too hard.
  • Do you really want to do that?
  • Don’t count on me for that, I don’t see the point.
  • That’s not good.
  • Don’t hope for the best, it never happens.

I could continue the whole day writing what they say for months last year. I couldn’t believe I stayed friends with this people all this time. Some years ago, some recently ( from 4 to 7 years). I was put down to the point that I started to question myself, falling into old pattern; but I still didn’t cut them off. I still would hang out with them, invite to my sanctuary (my home) and much more.

I wanted to drag them away from my life but I didn’t, until they got angry at me for doing different things than they were doing, I was even once put in a position that I had to choose friends over their skin color, one got angry because I forgot to congratulate them on a date that I don’t know to this day what is it about; I was told horrible things and all for what? To keep a friendship? To feel like a good person who doesn’t leave friends behind?

We should walk away from anything or anybody who is selfish and brings drama and overall haters disguise as friends. Not everyone is enjoying our success, not everyone is congratulating us with sincerity.

Choose your friends wisely and the ones who don’t make the cut, it’s ok to let them go.

Know when it is time to let something and someone go!

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FUN.Basel Vol XII

Posted by jjerlich on 26. May 2018

Looking back to the evening of 24. May 2018 – here is what we learned from our speakers:

Antonio Bene

Antonio Bene

Antonio shared a very personal story of how to breaking away from family patterns was essential for him to break the situation he was in and has shaped him as the person he is today.

For me, martial art activates power, passion and courage for achieving my goals!

The combination of martial arts exercises and systemic constellation techniques are important elements in his work as an Inspirational Coach & Trainer for personality development.

If you want to meet Antonio as a teacher of Samurai, start here www.samurai-basel.ch



Lilian NjokiLilian Njoki

Lilian has told us her story, actually many stories about ventures she started, business she ran and the many situation where she missed essential clues that would have required a different decision. What always worked for her is being a trainer, a sport coach and a role model for others working on her program every day. You can not actually stop her, she will come again and again.

Whatever you do – do not dare to give up!

Lilian loves to speak on stage, furthermore she is a meditation teacher and events manager with customers such as the Roger Federer Foundation for Africa. She is the CEO of African Expo Switzerland, and founder of Tell Your Story.



Josh LeventJosh Levent

Josh shared his story about the time when he found out that he lacks compassion working with other people. Because of this he lost his dream job. Since then, emotional intelligence became one of his strength and this is the message he shares with everyone:

Emotional Intelligence is key!

He did share much more than that with us, check out the Facebook Live stream



Thanks to our Fan crowd.
See you again soon …

The Organiser

Jutta Jerlich



FUN BASEL Vol XII Speakers 24.5.2018

Photos at our Facebook Page

Read about previous @FUN_Basel evenings

Launchlabs Basel

#FUN.Basel @FUN_Basel #fuckupnightsbasel

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Reclaiming my life

Posted by olguitac on 17. May 2018

ReclaimingI too had fear of failure. I knew I wanted to do something different than what most people where doing around me, at some point I believed in my “talents” and I went ahead and pursued them. I did theater, sang, wrote poetry and a lot more creative stuff. Every time I got positive comments from my friends, family and some strangers I couldn’t believe them.

I was never pressured to follow some type of career path, was completely free to do whatever I wanted; but still didn’t do it. I sabotaged myself thinking I wasn’t good enough, compared myself with the great ones and wondered how I was going to able to live up to them, without realizing I was doing it all wrong. I believed I had to be perfect just to be able to reach some level of success. I put so much pressure on  myself that I stopped believing in who I was.

So what did I do? I numbed myself. I chose a steady job that at some point I thought it was my call, I followed the norm: ‘Enjoy what you have (which I always do anyway) and don’t wish for more’. I stayed away from anything creative and just went to work day to day.

It wasn’t as “easy” as I thought, I still reminisced of all the poems I wrote and how everybody loved the sweet sound of my voice even when I didn’t reach the full potential of the notes, read endlessly just so one day I could write a book, my very own book, but still thought I wasn’t good enough.

I believe nothing lasts forever, everything changed for me the moment I was surrounded by some situations with some people that broke me inside that left me with the only option to put the pieces together again. There was not another “easy” way out. It was so bad I would cry every day and sometimes at night before going to bed. I would complain to my husband all the time, I was breaking, was hurting and had no idea how to get away from it all.

Until one day this person was telling me things and I couldn’t comprehend, it was as if she was crushing me, as if she was imposing some hidden rules that everyone must follow even when you know they are wrong, I felt like I couldn’t be with people whom prefer to shut up than speak up. That wasn’t me and I came across that day when I felt like I had to get out and that’s exactly what I did. I left and never looked back.

This has been the best year because after that storm everything else feels like sunshine.

Now I’m already putting the last pieces of me together reclaiming my talents back, me and myself. I’m writing that book in Spanish even if it’s not perfect, singing even when I don’t know those notes, writing songs (a first for me) and back in a theater play. I’m grateful for the trust my friend Jutta has in me posting in her blog what I write in English. Today, in this moment right now I’m feeding my soul, not listening to society.

Some might say I wasted time in my prime years (whatever that means) but I don’t care, because I’m starting to live my truth.

If I can do it, what’s stopping you?


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Fuckup Nights Basel Vol XI

Posted by jjerlich on 21. April 2018

Jumping right into what happened on our Fuckup Nights Basel on 19. April 2018 – the counterpart to our ladies night from last month – thank you to our three speakers:

Jens Ulrik Hansen

Jens Ulrik Hansen

Jens is an Executive Advisor, Futurist and loves to transform Businesses. He inspires and advises on leadership development, adaptation and business transformation to the digitalized and socialized 21st century.

The importance, when under pressure, of getting the balance right between taking care of others and taking care of oneself

He is building the businesses of the future. We can imagine that doing this kind of “time travel” on a regular basis is a good source for the kind of stories we can really learn from. His passion is to work across competences and business units – a huge resource for coming across stories to learn from.

Jens is a humble, inspirational person always looking to enthuse and engage people!

Connect with Jens



Sina MehlStefanos Kofopoulos

A Greek geek and Greece’s first professional blogger back in the ancient Internet times of 2004 until 2014 with 1.000.000 page views and 300.000 uniques per month. The Company was sold to Greece’s leading financial newspaper. He has three lessons for us – the one that stuck in my mind being

Work with people who genuinely believe in your idea

A couple of great questions in the Q&A session around how to work with yourself, using your resources wisely and changing your approach to what is important.

Connect with Stefanos


Justin Damian FurnessJustin Damian Furness

Justin took us on a journey from childhood to nearly losing his life through devoting himself to understanding Human Performance during the last 10+ years. He says it all starts with:

Accountability !

This resulted in a long group discussion that definitely inspired further thoughts.



Many of our speakers keep coming to our events – a great compliment that honors us!


Thanks for answering my out of the blue QUESTION:

What was the unexpected effect being a FUN.Basel speaker had for you?

We are looking forward to see you on 24. May 2018

The Organiser

Jutta Jerlich



FUN Basel Vol XI Speakers 19.4.2018

Photos at our Facebook Page

Read about previous @FUN_Basel evenings

Launchlabs Basel

#FUN.Basel @FUN_Basel #fuckupnightsbasel

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Takashi Yamauchi

Posted by jjerlich on 30. March 2018

I continuously receive this wonderful gift from the universe: I meet very interesting people.

Takashi Yamauchi is one of them – he is my hero.

He is a sculptor and professor at a University in Japan.

He is the creator of this wonderful creature.

I asked him why he is crying: He sighed and tried to find the words too explain it to me. After some time that seemed to be forever, he said that the person he created is sad. The sculpture is representing humanity. People do not connect any more. Everyone is lonely and feels disconnected. This is why a river of tears is coming out of the eyes of humanity.

Thinking about this today, I am not sure if this is exactly what he said. But this stuck in my mind. The explanation totally fits for me and that is why these words stuck with me.

Every cell of me is working on connecting people again, looking to team up with people who have the same intentions coupled with 200% motivation to do that.

I really miss you and Mariko-san and hope that we will be able to meet again.

Thank you for sending us these wonderful snapshots from walking the Camino and the many paintings of churches you made on the way

Keep us informed about your new creations.


Camino Takashi Yamauchi Churches Takashi Yamauchi Exhibition Takashi Yamauchi

Takashi Yamauchi



Takashi Yamauchi


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An evening that shakes your world

Posted by jjerlich on 19. March 2018

Building bridges is about the exchange of knowledge, shared values and thought leadership.

It always starts with a personal connection, a shared experience – like a traditional Hanami under the cherry blossom trees!

This is as important in business as in privat life.

Actually for me there is no difference, because the ONLY REAL currency is CONNECTION.

Doing something meaningful with your life, being happy and leaving a footprint or impact as a legacy, is the cornerstone of my motivation … delivered daily.

The WHAT that drives us … do you think it is different across the countries and regions of the world? Maybe not … we all want to create a better life for ourselves and our loved ones.

Being able to actually do that, is nothing anyone of us can do alone. We need others, we need to complement each others skills and competencies. 

Meeting influential leaders from different countries, share perspectives and build trust is invaluable, the people you want to have in your networks  – this is something that feels like GOLD to me.

That`s why I am so happy that I met Callam Fletcher, the person who started and leads ASIA SERIES




Sachio Semmoto AsiaSeries



From a BS in Engineering from Kyoto University, a PhD in Engineering from University of Florida to founder of four leading telecom companies including KDDI Corporation and eAccess employing over 35,000 people.

Dr. Semmoto joined RENOVA as an External Board Member in 2014, becoming Chairman in 2015. Prior to RENOVA, he founded four leading telecom companies including KDDI Corporation and eAccess. KDDI is capitalised at $60bn and employs over 35,000 people.

He was a board member of NetApp, Inc., a major Computer Storage Devices company based in California. He was also a full professor at Keio University, a visiting professor of Carnegie Mellon University and University of California, Berkeley.

H.E. Ambassador Etsuro Honda of the Japanese Embassy will be present at this event.

Use the unique opportunity to meet Semmoto-san in Zurich – Your last minute TICKET




Reserve your tickets


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FuckUp Nights Basel Vol X

Posted by jjerlich on 19. February 2018

It is hard to report from FuckUp Nights Basel: I want to rave about every evening and it might sound cheesy to you already. But it is true, every evening is different and unique with a new mix of people and experiences connecting over a good glass of wine or beer.

THANK YOU to all 60+ participants for coming and contributing in our “Defining failure …” session.

The three untold fresh stories came from three women this time. There was no intention to make it a Ladies Night. It just was! Here are the three speakers you had the honor to meet:

Claudia Raine

Claudia Raine

After 30 different jobs and professions she tried out, she now owns a degree in International Relations and is a committee member of the Professional Women Group in Basel. Being able to really tell how it feels to be in the wrong job, she helps people stop feeling like they are doing time at their job and move to a job that they love.

It is so cool!

On her way she learned that embracing change and not forgetting to do her research despite a lot of enthusiasm is really the best recipe to reach her goal.

She also became an escape artists and escaped from over 50 escape rooms in 17 cities to date.

Connect with Claudia



Sina MehlSina Mehl

“As in everybody elses life,” she says “my life is full of ups and downs and setbacks.” However, her curiosity for the things life has to offer, made her come up with a new plan B for every failed plan A. She decided to do only jobs or projects which excite her the most and feel right in that moment. This is how she experienced many different jobs and found out what she truly wants to do. Embracing the fear of not being perfect doing something you do the first time was her hard lession to learn on the way.

You do need to start!

Organizing self-development events, being a trainer and coach Sina loves to bring like-minded people together who learn from one another, and through that tap deeper into their own truth as well. This is where she does this –

Inside Out Movement


Olga QuesadaOlga Quesada

Olga has a passion to inspire others – in different ways and forms. She did that as a teacher for many years, before she decided that there is more to her life than teaching. Today she is a writer, producer of the Know-how Podcast Series for the Professional Women Group Basel, an Instagram magician and part of the cast in the Vagina Monologues 2018 to empower women. The key question she asked all of us that evening is

Do you really want to spend all this energy to be fighting with your business partner or rather invest it in something new?

A modest, powerful and fun person to be around. She will continue to support FuckUp Nights Basel on our way. Immensly happy about and looking forward to moving mountains having fun on the way.

Connect to Olga

We are looking forward to see you in April 2018

The Organiser

Jutta Jerlich



FUN Basel Vol X 15.2.2018

Photos at our Facebook Page

Read about previous @FUN_Basel evenings

Launchlabs Basel

#FUN.Basel @FUN_Basel

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Liberate Failure

Posted by jjerlich on 9. January 2018

This is the time to start thinking BIGGER about your brand and business. There is no a better time than to start NOW.

I know, it’s NOT simple to grow your business now. Yes, I agree. While technology has actually made it EASIER to grow your business, the downside is that it’s actually become more COMPLEX ! Not complex to get going, but complex to navigate through what you REALLY need to do.  There are no proven formulas and recipies that guarantee success, as promised in a myriad of programs, webinars, workshops and articles published and spread all over the Internet.

Only 10% of Business Owners study their entrepreneurial capacities AFTER a BUSINESS FAILURE.

Source: Global Failure Index

The Industry Rockstar Business Mentorship is a place where best-practices and failure alike are shared between business owners from all around the globe. With the result that you will find your specifc pathway that works for you and your specific business, based on the proven strategies for growth.

I spoke with Alessia Minkus and what she thinks about failure:



The business owner network and program created by Kane and Alessia are priceless.

Do not wait for change, take action and check out how the program fits your needs – I bet it will – register for the two full hours program preview to learn about their knowledge and systems for growing your business, income and influence, at no financial cost to you.

This is your opportunity to meet the Industry Rockstar team:


28. Jan 2018 at 10:30 and 14:30

29. Jan 2018 at 12:30 and 18:30

27. Jan 2018 at 10:30 and 14:30

Register here for free!

  Registration Germany   Registration Austria

You’ll learn amazing stuff!



Facebook Page


#liberatefailure #FUN.Basel @fuckupnights #fuckupnights

Global Failure Index

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Humanity is looking for confident leaders

Posted by jjerlich on 8. January 2018

Dear Creative Engineers!

Wherever you entered into 2018, I hope you all arrived well.

In a time of reflection and a new beginning, thoughts circle around our roots, where we come from and where we want to go.

I am honored and proud t​​o walk part of this way with YOU, enjoying to nurture and see your ideas grow into projects and market realities:

214 projects up to date, 19 of them in the making right now.

Leaderships skills are a main topic in media and industry, humanity is looking for confident leaders to help our countries and businesses transform.

I want to – again – warmly recommend the Gallup Strength Finder Assessment which was an eye opener for me.

Knowning your 5 key strengths will give you the focus for your career and life all together. This semester you have this special opportunity as a current CREATIVITY ENGINEERING class participant, as well as an ALUMNI:

Professional Leadership Package – exclusively for Creativity Engineering Community
It includes the Gallup Strength Finder Assessment itself + 2 sessions with Martin, a Leadership Development Expert of a kind I was so lucky to get to meet.

Looking forward to hearing from you and your experiences in and after your CE class.​​
Send me an email or find me on Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin

Inspirational regards


Digital Economy Strategist and Partnership Architect


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Technology, women and age

Posted by olguitac on 7. January 2018

My sixty eight years old mother (if you read my last post you’d know we don’t hide our age) is so hook in technology she always wants to know about the latest thing, even if she is going to use it or not. She wants to know how it works and what it is used for.

She graduated as a Chemistry Engineer and worked in the field for some years after graduation, but somehow ten years later she chose Human Resources or it chose her. At that point she was a worker and became the boss of the HR department at the Food Industry Company for the country.

It was there when I saw her passion for new things, read all the company’s  laws to help her co-workers and subordinates. She spent nights working trying to solve every problem she could.

Technology wasn’t that advanced at the time but she always managed to get a new vision on how to do things a better way, less hassle and more time used helping than filling up paperwork.

That`s when computers were introduced to her and a whole new world opened in front of her. She could fill up forms, keep important information in the hard drive, memory sticks and so on, without the need to spend hours writing it up. If my mind doesn’t betray me she was in her late forties and she never once said “I can’t do it” or “it’s too hard for me”. It was like the mere idea of having something new to manage her work, she had to conquer it.

And that’s how I carry my life, I don’t care about my age to accomplish or learn new things. I left my job at thirty seven to start a new career and a Master. I don’t think about how old I feel, look or I actually am, I just think of doing and learning something new and fulfilling my passion.

I was in a meeting a few months back and I was introducing new ideas, not that I’m actually an eager user of that program I was talking about but I know it works in specific situations and when you want to reach a determined audience. My idea fell flat which is totally ok with me. But the excuse I got was

“I don’t know how to use that, I’m from another generation.”

Immediately I thought of my mom. How she never, ever complaint about her age and still doesn’t.

If there is a new technology, a new idea, a new way of doing things today at her sixty eight years old she still wants to learn about it. And here I have this woman (late forties maybe fifties) in front of me telling me she doesn’t want to get involve in something new because it’s not her generation.

It’s ok to let young people do their thing, but at what point we have to stop our mind, or desire, our passion to allow the new generation to shine?

  • Can’t we all survive in this world together?
  • Can’t we all learn from each other?
  • Can’t we all just live until the last minute without the need to feel or being told how old we are?


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Where is the time?

Posted by olguitac on 31. December 2017

I recently discussed with a wonderful person how time is always a pressure around us, technology speeding up things, so we say as if a piece of technology could really do that, … well society forcing this rules on us that everything need to be done faster and faster.

We decided to do something about that.

First step … make it visible!

We started writing about it … actually she did. Here we go … the starting paragraphs of the story with the title:

I’m not too old

When I was in my twenties, I felt like I was rushing to find something out there, whether it was a boyfriend that would later turn into a husband, two children … because you should never have one or none and three would be too much.

Can`t forget to get a good set of friends and more importantly a career that you find fulfilling and will give me plenty of time to be with my children and enough money to go on vacations.

So many things in so little time after all I had to do crazy amount of things before or by the time I reach my thirties and squeeze all of that in a ten year period.

It was exhausting to say the least. I felt like I couldn’t make it, I was avoiding the big silent enemy that is the Stress.  At some point I felt this rush to become successful, rich or powerful before I turn forty or fifty because what’s the point in making it then? It doesn’t sound so appealing as if I was to do all that in my twenties. Has a better ring to it, isn’t?

Well, not in my book. Everybody has a journey and speeding it up is not going to make it any sweeter or better than it is for the next person. We need to stop age judgement to define a person. It’s even worse and harder if you are a woman.

Why can’t we just ask women their age? Because we are embarrassed you are going to judge us, call us old hag, not employ us because let’s face it: once you’re old society, science makes you believe you are not good enough.

I don’t hide my age. Even when every woman in my family except mother did, I promised myself at a young age that I would be like my mother, I wouldn’t hide the fact that I was growing old, that I had a past, living a present and was looking forward to a future. And as proud as I am telling my age one day, someone told me “I like to tell my age because I look good.” It made me feel horrible because that was not the idea. I didn’t think of that I was just proud and loud to be standing there and not letting age define me.

I have heard so many people over forty say: I can’t learn a new language, my brain can’t handle it anymore, there is no point on doing this or that because science say it goes downhill from now on. It’s really hard to look for a job because they won’t hire me anymore … there are a lot more examples – don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against what science says about our bodies and how we process new information by a certain age, but at some point we need to stop treating people this way.

Making them feel that by thirty you have already lost the rat race … maybe and only maybe we as society wouldn’t have to rush so much all the time.

By the way in case you are wondering I’m 38.


… to be continued!


How do you feel about age?


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FUN.Basel IX

Posted by jjerlich on 17. November 2017

If there was no FuckUp Nights Basel yet, we would have to create it now.
Thanks for coming to our November Session.

A very strong evening with three fresh new stories, the second time 2:1 in terms of women to men. Our special guests and speakers you had the honor to meet were:

Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Roberts
An unshakeable optimist who always had an intense curiosity for discovering what makes people light up inside, and how to consciously and consistently tap into that spark. Doing this for yourself first is the qualification for the job.

Where are the limits of your box?

She showed us very visually how this happened for her and where it lead her to be now:

“I think we all have a touch of schizophrenic – for most of us there are at least 2 or 3 discussions going on in our heads at any given time.“



Ralf SchlaepferRalf Schlaepfer
Passionate about growing businesses, Ralf started 13 companies as founder or co-founder. His story allowed us to get insights into several of those companies and their results on Ralf in person and the effects or lets say decisions that followed for the companies he founded after that.

Do not expect things to continue as they were today – a fast change may be around the corner tomorrow.

Thanks for the unique insights!

Ralf on Linkedin




Barbara TejadaBarbara Tejada
She is another kind of a lady. Her story showed us in all emotional details how it feels to break with everything toxic. She found her way out of a toxic relationship. Against all her family values. Literally rising like a phoenix from the ashes. Today she shares her insights with all her passion to guide women to be free from all forms of oppression by building a new relationship with themselves – often leading her clients to find the love of their lives!

From being nice to being happy – like a phoenix rising from the ashes!

Barbara is Europe’s #1 expert in teaching “nice women” to become sooo kick-ass that they kick-out of their life all toxic patterns and create the life they really want!


We are looking forward to see you in 2018

The Organisers

Jutta Jerlich & Isabelle Valibus



FUN.Basel Vol IX Speakers 9.11.2017

Read about previous @FUN_Basel evenings

Launchlabs Basel

#FUN.Basel @FUN_Basel


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