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It is my time

Posted by juttajerlich on 29. September 2016

Female Entrepreneurship is on the rise, companies with women leaders do better and startups created by women are more successful.

When will there be a better time?

I decided to make 2016 my year
√ I took time out to get my creativity back
√ stopped working on the weekends,
√ searched for mentors to help me grow my impact and independence in doing so


I met Martin & Stefan in a workshop that was as much fun as serious …  committing to our own goals :-)

Working with them helped me to untangle the complexity in my thoughts and start doing rather than thinking. Proven tools and personal support for keeping yourself on track are doing the trick.

Thrilled to hear that they are now opening up:
they designed a free experiential seminar “Boost Your Business: Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential”
in Basel upcoming on 14th of October.

Make it your time now


Leverage your impact


See you there …



Tthe Abundance Principles

You are a women? You still need more facts WHY it is YOUR TIME ?!

Experts predict that by 2018, female-owned businesses will create over half of the new small business jobs and overall, one-third of the nation’s total new jobs.

Why the force will be with women entrepreneurs

Martin: Speaker at FUN.Basel Vol I


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Another first – FUN.Basel Vol III

Posted by jjerlich on 28. September 2016

The third one and the first one

Thanks to everybody who joined us at the 3rd #FuckUpNight‬ in #‎Basel‬ and the first event ever in the new #fluxdock with the next 3 stories from our speakers.

It is wonderful that each and every evening has its own character and style colored by the personalities and stories of our speakers.

Thanks to our speakers at @FUN_Basel Vol III

… for sharing their stories:

Asitta Tabatabai
M.A. lic.iur.

Accredited Coach, Mediator, Supervisor and Trainer of Mediators


Not all projects that smile at you are good for you

She works with people who lost balance in life or at work. Her story reflected that in a very personal way that needs to sink in the mind before forming into a lesson. This is how her students remember her stories years after she told them in class.


kurt_schmidKurt Schmid
coaches individuals, teams and companies to advance their projects and ideas


Is this the end of Marketing?

This is one of the question that came up during the Q&A session with the audience. An amazing person with a story that many know about from the media. It was great to hear about your lessons learned and how the challenges touched you – as it would everyone of us.


Daniel Jordi

Creator of The ChangeMakers Hub & LinkedREvolution
Visionary Connector for High Impact Leaders
Member of the Steering Committee at the Trestle Group Foundation 20:20 Initiative

Show who you are and your tribe always finds you


Thanks a lot Daniel – to follow the third personal invitation as a speaker. We are very happy to support and be part of your mission to bring humanity back into the way we do business.


Please do approach us if …

  • you are interested to be a speaker at FuckUpNights Basel
  • want to host us in your location
  • want to sponsor us or know someone who does
  • are interested in learning how to integrate speaking about failure into your organizational culture  …


We are looking forward to see you again on 10. November 2016.



FUN Basel Vol III Speakers

Read more about @FUN_Basel evenings

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It happens … to all of us

Posted by Stefan@tapabundance.com on 20. September 2016

Errors, defeat, mistakes or failure … whatever word we use for something that has not worked out the way we wanted it to.

What it could hold for us?

Everything that happens will and does have a reason for happening. It sounds a little bit like a cliché however it’s a truth.

The reason can be anything, and maybe it takes a lot of time to be revealed to you. If you start to understand this first important point, you can start to look for the reason in failure and defeat, which you will encounter on your journey.

The next important aspect is this: Failure and Defeat will happen, to all of us. There is nobody excluded from it and nobody will ever be excluded.

stefan_logarWhat is the difference between these two?

Defeat is much more permanent than failure. Defeat is the complete loss of something. If you encounter defeat it can mean that you have to start all over again. It could mean, that you have to rethink a plan completely or it could mean that you would even have to change the products or services you’re offering.

If you encounter defeat, it always will be accompanied by an opportunity. Defeat holds many important lessons for you to learn.

  • It will show you clearly that you were not ready to start in a broad sense.
  • It shows you that you need to gather and apply more new and specialized information and concepts.
  • It shows you also that you have to increase the amount of time that you spend on your journey and be more mindful where you actually spend it on.

Defeat holds a key for you. This key is called translated success. If you overcome defeat, learn from it and adjust to the outcome, it holds an equal amount of success removing the defeat in total.

Failure is something that occurs around us every single day and hides in every action we take.  It comes in many disguises and shows in faces everywhere you look if your mind is programmed to see it.

Not sticking to your own goals and timetables could lead to failure. Also not managing to write the blog you wanted is a failure. As not selling the amounts you hoped for is a failure. And all failures, as well as defeats, come along for a reason.

The sense behind it is, that you start to understand that failure teaches you the responsibility you have for your actions.

If you do start to blame others or things for the failure, you clearly are missing the point that failure is trying to teach you.

It also holds another important lesson for you.  It shows you which roads not to take and the decisions not to make.

“Keep looking for the lessons in failure and defeat. As they will occur and have to occur to help you arise into the personality of a successful entrepreneur that you need to become, to reach your desired lifestyle.”

Stefan Logar



Stefan Logar @Linkedin Pulse

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From a match to the lantern

Posted by juttajerlich on 30. August 2016

Where did the quest take you?

Here is how the story started:
It started with a match …
It started with a match … Part II

Stunned at my success at truing a match into 59 francs I called in to what would be my last transaction. I was running out of time. It was another gift shop with lost of items that looked more expensive than they were. The assistant and I hated and started to select what might be a good trade.

We both know that the retail price is no where near the acquisition price so I thought I was on to a good thing, that is until the owner came back in. At first she, the owner, was somewhat shocked at my proposition but rapport is a beautiful thing.

Remember I am in Zurich and to start with this lady wouldn’t open up in English. with a bit of banter, and pointing out that I am only doing what one of her posters on the wall was saying …

”If you don’t ask for what you want, you won’t get it”,

we became friend in trading. The big challenge here, for me, was she didn’t rate the price tag on the fake lavender. She told me in fact that the quaintly was awful (not her word obviously) and not worth anything other. That said I now believe this to have been a savvy negotiating tactic as I walked out of this shop with a proper gift.

A beach style lantern complete with candle and a price tag of 94 francs.

From a single valueless match to a lantern priced at 94 franc in just over an hour.

So, what can I learn from this?

  • in any negotiation make sure you are talking to the budget holder
  • in any negotiation the other person is always negotiating too
  • build rapport and keep it building politeness and humour go a long way
  • value and price are not always related



Thanks to Martin Daubney for sharing his learning experience

Martin is a successful Executive Coach with many years of experience working with large corporations and Small Business Owners. He helps leaders to overcome limitations to their growth.

“Liberating potential & creating edge both exemplified through encouraging of people to step outside their comfort zone and then in coaching to help them deliver.”



Facebook Page



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FUN.Basel Vol III @Fluxdock

Posted by jjerlich on 29. August 2016

FUN Basel eingeladen im Fluxdock // FUN Basel invited to Fluxdock

AFun_basel at Fluxdockfter the first Fuckup Night in Basel we were approached by Elias Schäfer, CEO and Member of the Board at FLUXDOCK AG, who read the article about it in Basler Zeitung. He invited us to bring the Fuckup Nights Basel to Fluxdock.

What is Fluxdock?

It is a place where interdisciplinary teams can collaborate, realize concrete ideas using technology and the Fluxdock network to multiply the intended impact.

The crucial objective is to collaborate across company borders, break down barriers and bring ideas with high level of innovation to project maturity within the short time frame of only one or two weeks.

– – –    The Innovation Department for your company    – – –

A great offer and a real match:

My Creativity Engineering program at the Vienna University of Technology trains engineers to develop their creative confidence. It offers a collaboration space and simulation environment to present their ideas, create or find a team collaborating across disciplines to grow their ideas into products and services.

The Challenge

Being able to speak about errors and mistakes – that happen when new things are being created – openly is key. “Fail fast, fail often, learn quickly” is certainly a useful approach that speeds up creation and development.

Join us for the

FB Sept

We are looking forward to welcome our speakers

  • Asitta Tabatabai – Inspiring Coach, Trainer and Mediator
  • Daniel Jordi – Creator of The ChangeMakers Hub & LinkedREvolution
  • Kurt Schmid – Leading Communication Professional, founder of persuasion.ch

Stay tuned for more information on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Save your seat – register

Looking forward to this special evening

Warm regards

The Organizers Team

Jutta & Isabelle



#cross-company #interdisciplinary #innovation #fuckupnights @fun_basel



Interview with Valentin Spiess: Fluxdock and i-Art

Save your seat – register

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It started with a … match

Posted by juttajerlich on 28. August 2016

How did the quest continue?

Here is how the story started:
It started with a match …

On the quest to understand what value is:

Martin 2

Over the road was a small independent florist. My strategy, as it emerged was to target business owners rather than franchises or chain shops. On the way in I noticed some small plants outside for between 12 and 18 francs.

A birthday card for a small plant? Now that has to be a good deal (for me). It was nice and cool inside but as I entered I noticed the 4 women who worked inside, and fortunately one of them was the business owner. She patiently listened to my story, delighted in my feature and benefit sale of the new and unused birthday card, revelled in the banter and did the deal on a real lavender plant. Onwards and upwards.

Success breads success and bored with my own I entered a gift shop that had a sale on. This time the owner was not in the shop and would be away some time. However, on hearing the story it was clear the two ladies in this shop wanted to help.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Please write this down

Posted by juttajerlich on 28. August 2016

When you hear these words, it means that the following statement is important.
Really important. It also means that you are most likely listening to Kane Minkus :-)

Alessia and Kane Minkus

Since Friday the 3-Day START AT THE TOP Seminar is held in Zurich, Switzerland. The task and goal = empowering business owners to realize their dreams and impact their communities.

It is actually quite funny how these words “please write this down” actually make people write them down. School has engraved the words so deeply into our brains that as soon as the words are said, the intended action follows. Here are a few examples:

  • A business is about helping people.
  • In business positioning is everything.
  • Ideas are worthless – Execution is everything.

Knowing how to translate these statements (most of us know) into practical actions is the key. The key to successful business results.

Today is the 3rd day – TRANSFORMATION DAY.

Magic has been happening all along for the participants: changing mindsets, understanding growth insights and realizing how powerful networking opportunities can actually be when really used.

It is great meeting so many Swiss based entrepreneurs.

Looking forward to further connecting with you …




Facebook Page


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It started with a … match

Posted by juttajerlich on 24. August 2016

Learning is great. In fact learning is a life time task. There are some things you can only learn by doing. Good education and training focus on exactly that.

Here is a story from a challenge participants were given in the worldclass mentorship programIndustry Rockstar – to really understand how negotiating for value makes you feel.

This is how it works:
You start with a match and go out on the streets, in stores or wherever you desire to exchange that match for something of higher value. After that you do the same with the object you got. And you keep on going for a certain amount of time. Or until you decide to stop.

Martin Match

From a match to a lantern … Creating Value.

There is an old expression where I come from, and you may have something similar where you are. It’s something about knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Surely it would be better to understand or see the value despite the cost? And does the price tag indicate the value? Probably not in my recent experience.

Anyway … what is value?

A few days ago in Zurich I found myself in a group of 30 started with a match in my hands.

It was actually a very small match and intrinsically held no value at all, unless it was the last match held by Winston Churchill as he was about to light his last cigar. Then suddenly the value of the match increases, for some people and so it goes.

Sadly, my little match had no such provenance. It was just a match that I was challenged to generate some value with or from.

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Wie war es in Japan?

Posted by jjerlich on 29. July 2016

Gespräch mit Nicole Mühlemann, Shen Dao Praxis

Es war schön. Jetzt bin ich wieder da.

Das ist eine akzeptable Antwort auf meine Frage.

Für viele Leute.

Ich will es genauer wissen.

Was hast du erlebt?
Welche Situationen sind dir in Erinnerung geblieben?
Welche Gefühle haben dich begleitet?

Ich möchte über die Erlebnisse hören, die die Bilder wieder kehren lassen.

Die Brücken

“Ich hatte ein wunderschönes Erlebnis gleich auf dem Weg zum Hotel. Gerade angekommen machte ich mich auf den Weg zu meiner Unterkunft. Das riesige Zug und U-Bahn System in Tokyo lag vor mir, und ich war nicht sicher, ob mich die gewählte U-Bahn tatsächlich zur gewünschten Station bringt.  Ich sah eine junge Japanerin und entschied, sie um Hilfe zu fragen. Sie war sich auch nicht sicher und wir stiegen gemeinsam aus dem Zug aus. Sie fragte den Stationsmeister (in Japan gibt es so jemanden in jeder Station). Der bestätigte. Wir konnten wieder in denselben Zug einsteigen. Ich war so verwundert, dass jemand sich die Zeit nimmt, von seinem Weg abzugehen und einem anderen völlig unbekannten Menschen zu helfen. Eine Seltenheit, die mich in Japan persönlich willkommen geheissen hat.”

Ich lächle und nicke. Das ist auch mein Japan.. Ich erinnere mich auch an so eine ähnliche aussergewöhnliche Situation. Das ist sehr schön.

Und wie war dein Kurs? Was hast du mitgenommen?

“Eigentlich nichts Neues”

meint Nicole zuerst laut denkend, setzt dann nachdrücklich fort …

°Wir sind in die Tiefe gegangen. Ich habe am Beispiel der japanischen Meistern gesehen, wie man mit gebündelter Energie noch tiefer gehen kann. Das Resultat ist eine verstärkte Wirkung.”

Das klingt sehr kraftvoll. Deine Behandlungen waren bisher schon sehr erfolgreich, sodass viele deiner Patienten nicht mehr gekommen sind, weil sie nach deiner Behandlung beschwerdelos waren.

Ich wünsche mir, dass der Weg zu dir von vielen gefunden wird.

Danke für deine Gedanken.



Shen Dao Praxis


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I assure you

Posted by juttajerlich on 29. July 2016

“… my government is more corrupt than yours.”

This was one of the sentences I heard during the 2 week Summer School in Vienna. One of the sentences that made me smile.

Looking back at time we spent together in the course

Intercultural Competence and Effective Professional Communication in Globalized Societies

@ Innes Summer School 2016

we got quite a lot of topics covered.

Pictograms speak a universal language

We started with the slogan “Think global – act local” that was coined in 1969 and still is so valid today. Even more so, communication in a global society does request us to exactly follow this guideline.

We discussed …

  • Globalization vs. Localization
  • Essential importance of communication as a skill @work
  • Definition of culture and how it takes shape and form
  • Dimension of culture by Hofstede and Trompenaar
  • Management approaches affected

We experienced how virtual meetings look like and what functionalities are available to match a personal meeting in the digital space.

With being able to understand these tools available we went into the second week and received impulses from two expert talks:

EXPERT TALK with Valentina Stoeckler – The Future of Work

EXPERT TALK with Maggie Lu –  The Future of Management is Teal

Those thoughts served us as great inspiration for the project work that followed: 3 groups interviewed people in three different locations in the city.

As a non-traditional class where the learning is in the experience … what everyone takes with him or her is completely different  = Learning 2.0


Summer School 2016 Intercultural Competence

The Future of Management Is Teal

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Mu(r)seums Tag

Posted by traudljerlich on 19. July 2016

Was alles dahinter steckt: Die Vorbereitungen und Arbeiten zur Erstellung des Theaterstücks “Wasser”

Wie schon 2015 nahm Elisabeth Feiner auch heuer wieder die Einladung zur THEATERFABRIK WEIZ mit ihrer Klasse an. Die in die dritte Klasse aufgestiegene 3 C hat sich an ein spannendes und wichtiges Thema gemacht:



Vor dem Theaterprojekt standen umfangreiche Vorarbeiten am Plan:

  1. Zunächst Wortschatzarbeiten, da keines der Kinder Deutsch als Muttersprache hat. Das Erarbeiten von Redewendungen mit Wasser machte allen viel Spaß.
  2. Erfahrungen der Kinder mit Wasser wurden gesammelt :
    Die Flussraumführung mit Dipl. Ing. Katharina Schüssler und ihrem Team aus der Abteilung 14 Wasserwirtschaft, Ressourcen und Nachhaltigkeit des Landes Steiermark war besonders beeindruckend.
    Auch am Experimentiertag waren die Kinder mit voller Aufmerksamkeit bei Auftrieb, Schwimmen, Wasserverschmutzung und -reinigung bei der Sache. Zirkuläres Denken, Denken in Kreisläufen, dass alle Teilsysteme in Kreisläufen miteinander verbunden sind konnten erfahrbar und erlebbar gemacht werden.

Am Mu(r)seums Tag konnten sich die SchülerInnen intensiv mit dem Hauptfluss der Steiermark beschäftigen. Die Führung: „ Da rinnt noch viel Wasser die Mur hinunter” brachte viele Erkenntnisse:

  • Die Mur wurde als Transportweg, Wäscheplatz, Fischwasser  usw. verwendet.
  • Wir bauen ein Wasserrad – im Rahmen der Murausstellung, um zu erfahren, wie man die Kraft des Wassers nützen kann.
  • Verständnis zur Veränderung von Wassernutzung, Wasserbringen, Wasserwegen – die Murausstellung diente als Grundlage, die im Sachunterricht weitergeführt werden konnte.

6 5 4

Der Zugang der Kinder zum Thema Wasser wurde ein bewussterer, respektvollerer und gewissenhafterer.

Verantwortung spürbar und erlebbar machen, alles Tun hat (Aus)wirkungen, ob es ein kleines Rückhaltebecken ist, Licht,  welches man brennen lässt oder auf der Bühne steht und mit der gesamten Klasse ein Theaterstück spielt.

“Eine der großen Herausforderungen waren die Probearbeiten mit einem Kind, das eine A-Typische Form des Autismus hat. Die Kinder wollten aber, dass auch dieses Kind dabei ist und mitspielt.”

Elisabeth Feiner

Mehr als nur das Theaterstück ist der gesamte Weg dorthin bemerkenswert. Ich möchte dieses Beispiel eines aussergewöhnlichen und darum umso interessanteren Lern- und Erfahrungsweges durch meinen Bericht darüber nicht nur sichtbar machen und Elisabeth den gebührenden Dank aussprechen, sondern auch gern weitergeben und animieren, auch in solchen Bahnen zu denken.

Ein herzliches Dank ergeht an alle, die uns bei unserem Tun unterstützt haben …


Theaterprojekt Wanted 2015


Theaterpädagogin Gudrun Maier

Die Theaterfabrik in Weiz hat die Bühne zur Verfügung gestellt, Vera und Kathi haben die Theatergruppen begrüßt und ihre Fabrik vorgestellt.
Eine der insgesamt 8 Spielgruppen kam sogar aus Wien angereist.

Der Landesverband für außerberufliches Theater in der Steiermark LAUT! hat die Aufführung mitorganisiert und gesponsert.

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A dangerous journey

Posted by juttajerlich on 15. July 2016

… that could kill the racist in all of us …

DNA wow

Every time I watch this video that came my way through my social media channels – I get chills. For some reason I have to watch it again and again.

I decided that I want to share this video with my course group from the

INNES Summer School
Intercultural Competence and Effective Professional Communication in Globalized Societies

and we watched this video together on the day we spoke about conflicts, their cause and how to manage them.

  • We think that everyone should watch this … .
  • We fully agree with the girl saying that this should be compulsory for everyone – we all want to do this DNA test.
  • Lets share this with everyone we know and change our way to look at the world.

Thanks to the creators of this initiative – join the movement!


We only have one world, but it’s divided. We tend to think that there are more things dividing us than uniting us – Lets open our world

A dangerous journey that could kill the racist in us


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Would you ever …

Posted by jjerlich on 14. July 2016

Guest Author: Liz McCreary

… stand in front of an audience and speak about your biggest professional blunders for seven minutes?

Me neither! Lucky for us, fearless professionals Marne Platt, Alexander Ramseier, and Martin Daubney agreed to confide in us the unique challenges they faced on their journeys to success, much to our enjoyment at Basel’s second FuckUp Night event that took place on July 7th 2016.


Whereas a quick glance at anyone’s LinkedIn account will show a succession of shining feats and accomplishments, the beauty of FuckUp Nights lies in the frank discussion of mishaps and blunders that, until now, were taboo to openly discuss for fear of discrediting one’s professional talents and skills.

Thanks to the courage of individuals such as our guests speakers, FUN.Basel allows us the opportunity to erase the taboo of admitting imperfections and to simultaneously share how missteps are valuable learning experiences that contribute to one’s success.

I had the pleasure of chatting with the first speaker, New York native MARNE PLATT, before the event began, and I listened in awe as she casually mentioned her sudden career change from the veterinary field to the business sector, the myriad countries she has worked in, and the fact that she is currently promoting her book. While our light-hearted chat broached several topics, her speech centered on two conflicting yet fundamental internal voices that guided her during her corporate career: the “Superwoman” and the “Nemesis”. She shared with us the consequences of only listening to one of those voices and the importance of balancing the attention we give each one.

In vein with the night’s themes of encouragement and guidance, she has written and published her book Living Singlish: Your Life, Your Way in which she “walks young women through the process of self-discovery and empowerment she went through on her own journey”. She is also the founder of Fundamental Capabilities, an organization that offers workshops and mentoring, using the phrase “Straight Talk for Women” as its header.

If you met ALEXANDER RAMSEIER at a party and asked him about his professional background, you’d be equally impressed. His LinkedIn profile boasts his English, Portuguese, German and French skills, complementing a varied professional background in Accounting, IT and Sales. However, during Alexander’s speech at FUN.Basel, we were privy to the struggles and setbacks he experienced “behind the scenes” so to speak, and how those challenges were in fact valuable learning experiences that only made him stronger.

Above all, he emphasized how those missteps were necessary to his current success: “nothing was ever really a failure; it was trial and error.” His advice to us was to not fear failure as failure is inevitable, even after success, but rather to “fail fast, fail often, learn quickly.” Martin set out to start his own business and is now the CEO and founder of Futurebuilt since 2014, whose goals include “advising clients on strategic business development, alliance management, service practice and process optimization”.

Upon reading the book Strength Finder, our third speaker MARTIN DAUBNEY discovered communication was his strength, and so he set upon turning communications into a career in the corporate world. Despite the stability of a managerial position at a billion-dollar corporation, Martin sensed he wasn’t happy with the direction his professional life was going, and he set upon forging a new path using his communications strengths and experience to start his own company and become partner at another.

The path, however, wasn’t without its own challenges and surprises, but Martin not once considered going back in the face of adversity. Now, he is co-founder of Inspire Coaching GmbH, a coaching company that also offers workshops as well as NLP training, and is senior partner at CommsQuest, an organization that provides diverse services such as strategy development and narrative creation, among others. When an attendee asked him what helped him through the tough times, he answered that he simply took a deep breath and told himself, “It will be okay”.

Take-aways from last Thursday’s Fuck Up Night in Basel:

  • Listen to your inner motivator as well as your inner critique
  • Fail fast, fail often, learn quickly
  • Focus, focus, focus

In a world where putting your best face forward is king, there’s nothing like the rare transparency of successful professionals openly sharing the less glamourous side of success.

PWG-Basel would like to thank the speakers for sharing their stories and their time with us, and most importantly for having the courage to be vulnerable.

We salute you!


More articles about FUN.Basel

Meet the FUN.Basel Team

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INNES Summer School 2016

Posted by juttajerlich on 13. July 2016

… started on 11.7.2016 in Vienna.

welcome dinnerI started the journey into Intercultural Competence and Effective Professional Communication in Globalized Societies with a group of students from Morocco, Singapore, Thailand, Hungary and Nepal.

We are speaking about communication, culture and how communication changes when using of technology. Experimenting with online collaboration and meeting tools will be part of our agenda. I am also looking forward to a fruitful discussion with invited experts introducing themselves and their experiences in our context.

After this 2 weeks of working together, we will not only have found new friends from different background, but opened the door into how effective communication in our personal and professional lives looks like for a personal perspective.


Innes Vienna Summer School 2016 on Facebook

Innes Vienna on Facebook


Innes Vienna

Innes Vienna Summer Schools

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Summer Edition @FUN.Basel Vol II

Posted by jjerlich on 8. July 2016

After a successful event it is always the question if this can be continued, repeated in the same manner. I am happy to say that the second #FuckUpNight‬ in #‎Basel‬ was another inspiring evening with 3 stories from our speakers, all having worked in the corporate world before.

We spoke about age, actual books you can touch, word of mouth and digital marketing channels … and are curious on what our audience took with them as the one learning from the evening.

Thanks Isabelle for the great collaboration and appreciation we share – proud that the FUN.Basel evenings are our joint creation.
Thanks to our team: Prathima, Marzena and Liz covering for Laure.

Thanks to our speakers at @FUN_Basel Vol II

… for sharing their stories:


MarneMarne Platt
Independent Consultant and Author

Providing career development workshops and coaching for women.

Singlish: Your Life, Your Way
Fundamental Capabilities

Listen to all the voices in your head

It is very easy to get buried by million tasks everyday, make sure that you still have a life and with that time for yourself.


Alexander Ramseier


Alexander Ramseier
Your Chief Digital Officer for Hire

Founder of Futurebuilt helping enterprises to survive and thrive in digital business transformation. www.futurebuilt.net

Fail fast, fail often, learn quickly.

It is crucial to try things out, choose what works and move on. It sounds easy.


Martin Daubney


Martin Daubney
Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, NLP Master Coach and NLP Trainer

Personal and Executive Coaching and workshops for individuals, teams and leaders.

Focus – Focus – Focus

It is really critical … believe me.

Inspire Coaching GmbH


We are looking forward to see you again on 22. September 2016.



FUN Basel Vol II Speakers

Read more about @FUN_Basel evenings

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Die Kampagnen des Christoph Kolumbus

Posted by jjerlich on 4. July 2016

Überzeugen und Zustimmung finden
was die Fähigkeit zu Überzeugen mit dem Leben und Wirken des Christoph Kolumbus zu tun hat

#kurtgallusschmid #persuasion.ch

Kurt SchmidIch hatte das Glück, Kurt Schmid auf einem meiner Wege zu begegnen. Letzte Woche habe ich seinen Persuasion Workshop besucht.

In der Zeit der Informationsüberflutung wird die Fähigkeit zu überzeugen immer wichtiger.


Weil man ja nicht alles gelesen haben kann … .  Tatsache!

Ärzte beispielsweise können die Mengen des neu produzierten Wissens nicht mehr aufnehmen. Auch wenn Sie jeden Tag 2 neue Forschungsergebnisse Ihrer Fachbereichs in Ihren Wissenspool aufnehmen, sind sie trotzdem nach einem Jahr viele hundert Jahre hinter dem aktuellen Stand des Wissens.

Ja … soviel Wissen wird produziert und wir – wir alle – leben in einer Zeit, in der es wissenschaftlich bewiesen ist, dass wir die Mengen neuen Wissens nicht mehr bewältigen können.

Es wird zu einer Schlüsselqualifikation, überzeugen und Zustimmung finden zu können. Gerade bei wichtigen Themen, die unsere Gesellschaft und damit uns alle betreffen, ist es essentiell, die notwendige Unterstützung vieler finden zu können, um etwas zu bewegen.

Selten gibt es im Leben Erfahrungen, die wirklich einen bleibenden Eindruck hinterlassen. Erfahrungen, die einen bewegen und befähigen, etwas neu oder anders zu tun oder auch nicht mehr zu tun.

Die Arbeit mit Kurt ist so eine Erfahrung. Sie führt zu praktischen Änderungen im Leben.

Danke Kurt, für die 7 Techniken der Überzeugung – ein Werkzeug, um alle wichtigen Punkte im Auge behalten zu können.



Sie wollen wissen, was dies alles mit Christoph Kolumbus zu tun hat?

Danke, dass Sie bis hierher weiter gelesen haben.

Kolumbus war zwischen 1484 und 1492, also 8 Jahre lang, unterwegs auf Königshöfen und sonstigen Orten, an denen einflußreiche Persönlichkeiten zu finden waren, die als Geldgeber für seine Entdeckungsreise zu begeistern waren.

Überzeugen ist kein Pitch, sondern eine Kampagne, die 3 bis 6 Monate dauert. Die Regel sagt, dass es mindestens 7 Kontakte sein müssen. Im Zeitalter der digitalen Medien sogar 77 Kontakte.

Erst am 17. April 1492 wurde ein Vertrag zwischen den Monarchen Spaniens und Kolumbus über eine Expedition. Der Vertrag sicherte Kolumbus, im Gegenzug für das Bringen von Gold und Gewürzen, zehn Prozent der Profite aus dem Verkauf der Güter, Statthalterschaft über die gefundenen Ländereien und den Titel Admiral der Weltmeere zu und bestimmte, dass Kolumbus für Spanien einen westlichen Seeweg nach Ostasien suchen sollte.

Die Zeit zum Planen Ihrer Kampagne ist da!   Welches Argument pass zu wem?

Planen Sie Ihre Kampagne! Welches Argument zieht bei wem?


Interesse am Persuasion Workshop teilzunehmen?
Sie möchten einen Workshop für Ihr Unternehmen buchen ..



Er hat die Schweizer Niederlassung des globalen Kommunikationsnetzwerks Lowe & Partners Worldwide geleitet. Er war Präsident des Verbandes der Schweizer Kommunikationsagenturen. Als Social Entrepreneur hat er eine Agentur für nachhaltiges Marketing gegründet. Heute ist er Präsident von WWF Schweiz und der Stiftung Domicil.

Heute begleitet er NGO’s, Unternehmen, Start-ups, Teams in Anpassungsprozessen und unterstützt sie, Ihre Anliegen, Ideen und Projekte erfolgreich zu vermitteln.


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FUN.Basel Vol II

Posted by jjerlich on 29. June 2016

FUN Basel geht in die zweite Runde

FUN June kl

Wir sehen uns am 7. Juli 2016 im Lohnhof

Damit wir diesmal auch den Innenhof benützen können, ersuchen wir an höherer Stelle um schöne sommerliche Abendtemperaturen.

Platz reservieren

Wir freuen uns auf drei interessante Geschichten von:

  • Alexander Ramseier
  • Marne Platt
  • Martin Daubney

Gespannt auf den Abend, bis Donnerstag nächste Woche

The Organizers Team
Jutta & Isabelle

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Am Theaterfestival in Weiz

Posted by traudljerlich on 24. June 2016

Ein Sachthema auf die Bühne bringen ist keine einfache Sache. Die Texte und Szenen mit den Kindern erarbeiten, auch nicht. Vor allem mit so vielen verschiedenen Nationen und einem Kind mit Autismus. Meine Hochachtung!

Herkunftsländer der Kinder

Leider konnte das Theaterstück medientechnisch nicht (ausser durch einige Fotos) festgehalten werden.

Ich durfte die Gruppe begleiten und miterleben, wie lehrreich und gleichzeitig beruhrend das Thema verarbeitet wurde. Für Sie hier nun der Inhalt des Stückes in groben Zügen:

TiSCH (Theater in SCHÖNAU) – Wassertheater2

Die Wassertropfen können tönen – Ein Gedicht über von Jams Krüss erzählt davon.

Die Wassertropfen sind an der Quelle und „sprudeln“ hervor.

Wasserfragen werden gestellt, jedoch nur mit einer Gegenfrage beantwortet.

Danach treffen Menschenkinder auf das Wasser und missbrauchen es als Müllhalde. Das Wasser wird krank und leblos. Die Menschenkinder werden durstig, aber das verschmutzte Wasser können sie nicht trinken.

Also bauen sie eine Kläranlage. Die Menschenkinder erzählen über ihre Gefühle und fragen sich, ob das Wasser auch Gefühle haben kann. Sie werden darüber aufgeklärt, dass das Wasser Zustände haben kann – Aggregatzustände. Das Publikum durfte fühlen: Eiswürfeln und Wasser wurden gereicht.

Danach brauchten die Menschenkinder Strom und da bauten sie sich ein Wasserrad. Aber ohne Wasser ging nichts.

Also kam das Wasser und die Reise der Wassertropfenkinder ging weiter ans Meer. Dort angekommen, das große weite Meer genießend, feierten die Wassertropfenkinder ihr Ziel.

Jedoch die Sonne tauchte auf und verlangte: „Wassertropfenkinder, ihr müsst weiter!“

Am Ende wurde das Gedicht: Wasserkreislauf noch einmal mit Klanginstrumenten dargebracht.


Ich bin gespannt, ob und wie es nächstes Jahr weitergeht und freue mich, wenn ich wieder dabei sein darf …


Theaterfabrik 22. und 23. Juni 2016

Theaterfabrik in Weiz

LAUT! Landesverband für außerberufliches Theater Steiermark

Theaterprojekt Wanted 2015

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The New School of Business Rules

Posted by jjerlich on 19. June 2016

Number 1 Skill business owners and entrepreneurs needed to master right now in this chaotic economy

Times are tough … you’re probably finding it’s costing you more now than ever to win a new client, your overheads are likely going up and up, budgets are being cut left, right and center, consumer sentiment is down and bankruptcies and financial stress are on the rise.


If you asked me what I thought was the Number 1 skill business owners and entrepreneurs needed to master right now in this chaotic economy, where turbulence and strife just seems to go on and on … I could give you a very long answer or a quick recommendation as follows.

When I met Kane from the Industry Rockstar® team the first time, I was not sure at all … I thought that I would first listen to what his program is about.

It was a free 2 hour workshop in Basel that got me started … the experience was just unforgettable and … things have changed since then.

Next week this same door opens again in Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich – in your city between June 21st to 27th with the opportunity to join the August 26th-28th Start At The Top 3 Day weekend.

Someone who shares their business growth secrets, experiences and network has a worth beyond millions of dollars. 
I strongly recommend you to discover this LIVE yourself

Sometimes people don’t value what they get for FREE. I chose to pay attention. The skills they teach will definitely complement what you have and get you what you need to master your business …


Hope to meet you – in Basel or later on in Zurich – in person …


The power of one

Upcoming events in Switzerland


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High impact learning stories

Posted by juttajerlich on 17. June 2016

Looking for people open to share their high impact learning stories @FUN_Basel


Die erste FUN Abend war sehr erfolgreich – wir hatten 60 Besucher und eine sehr positive Atmosphäre, die allen – Speaker wie Besucher – erlaubte, Erfahrenes und Gelerntes zu teilen.

Besonders gefreut haben wir uns über den Bericht am selben Tag in der Basler Zeitung, der weitere nicht angemeldete Besucher zu uns brachte.

Die kommenden Termine

Passt einer der Termine in Ihren Zeitplan?
Wollen Sie einen Speaker Slots reservieren?

Sprechen Sie mit uns über einen Speaker Slot – wir melden uns bei Ihnen:

——————- v — E N G L I S H — v ——————-

The first FUN.Basel was great – we had about 60 participants and a great atmosphere where people – speakers and visitors – could really share the experiences and what they did learn from them. It was wonderful to have a one page article in Basler Zeitung about FuckupNights and our event that day which brought us a few more non-registered people.

We have the next event dates planned now:

Does one of them fit into your calendar?
Should we reserve a speaker slot for you?

Speak to us about a Speaker Slot – we will contact you:

high impact learning @fun_basel


Funbasel Tickets July 7, 2016


FUN.Basel Speakers Briefing EN
FUN.Basel Speaker Briefing DE


A phenomenal opening
Erstmals in Basel
The first time

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