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Auf dem Weg von Norden nach Süden

Posted by jjerlich on 15. July 2017

Mein Körper muss in Bewegung sein, wenn es mein Geist sein soll.

Was verbindet Europa?

Die Motivation und Fragen, die Klaus, meinen Bruder, und Elisabeth, seine Partnerin, antreibt, sich auf den Weg durch Europa von Norden nach Süden gemacht haben. Gestartet sind sie in Rovaniemi Finland, das Zuhause von Santa Claus.

Striding across europe north 2 south
<Eine Pause einlegen, in den Leerlauf schalten, ausrollen, stehenbleiben, sich umsehen, zurückblicken, nach vor schauen … Gedanken, die mir seit einiger Zeit durch den Kopf gehen.>

Einige Ausschnitte, die in meinen Gedanken als Zuhörer und Mitverfolger hängen geblieben sind:

Auf dem Weg gibt es Geschenke allein für dieses Ansinnen, wenn bereitwillige erklärt … Pflaumen.

Fragen zum Bildungswesen sind immer Teil der Gespräche mit Wegbegleitern und lokaler Bewohnern.

Begleitet von den Renntieren:
Will man die Renntiere rechts überholen, laufen sie mehr rechts.
Will man die Renntiere links überholen, laufen sie mehr links.

Hier ein paar Links zum Nachhören – ich muss zugeben, ich habe mich in der Numerierung bereits verloren – mein Hirn und funktiont nach Themen einfach besser. Nach dem Nachhören der nächsten Etappe, habe ich es jetzt verstanden: es geht um die geplanten Tagesetappen! Eine Karte über die Etappen würde den Überblick für mich besser visualisieren und damit verständlicher machen.

Etappe 8 und 9
Etappe 6 und 7
Etappe 5
Am Bärentreck
Etappe 3
Etappe 1-3 am Bärentrek
Prolog extended [SAEFNOTS]


Weiterhin folgen …  DER Blog von Klaus



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Extremely tired and extremely happy

Posted by jjerlich on 9. July 2017

I am so thankful for having had the honor to be the amplifyer for such an important movement: the SUGAR AWARENESS WEEK brought to you by Puricious!! ❤️❤️❤️

Sabine Van T Hart

After 2 highly intense weeks

Sabine Van T Hart is so driven to get the knowledge people need to decide for a healthy sugarless lifestyle. I really enjoy supporting this mission, I actually feel that it is my duty to do so.

It is not the chocolate, the cockies and the icecream, we know that this is sugar  – it is the hidden sugars, the fact that almost everything we buy has sugar inside which we are not aware of. This is the trap we all fall into. We do not want YOU to fall into this TRAP.

Thank you so much for listening and reading about the facts about sugar. It was so great to see the feedback rolling in, check how many people saw the materials created and followed into the course with a highly professional 360° Analysis what the sum of all sugars we take per day does to our body.

Sabine was working non-stop to answer all the questions and personally receive the wonderful feedback. Yes, I am speaking about several hundreds of emails, phone calls and other social contacts points – Sabine was soooo happy and of course so extremely tired that it took some time to recuperate from this intense time.

Sabine Van T Hart

Enjoying a sugary treat after catching up with sleep

Can you see the difference on the fotos?

Since you know now that I myself have ditched sugar with Sabine, I can only recommend to take a helping hand and not try to do this alone.

I am like this … I always think that I need to have the self -discipline to do “this” myself … does this sound familiar to you?

The fact is that our brains are tricking us and if you do not know in advance what shape and form these tricks can take, you are doomed.

A guiding hand to reduce your sugar intake is the best way … I wish you had Sabine on your side to do this together!!

She does not only have the expertise, she has the experience of having guided 378 clients from all around the worldwide (yes, from a distance) on HOW TO REDUCE SUGAR … and seen incredible HEALTH TRANSFORMATIONS happen in as little as 10 days.

She has the heart and soul needed to support you in your journey in a soft and at the same time determined way as no one else has.
Thank you Sabine for being who you are.

[SILVER] 10-Day Sugar Rehab program

[PREMIUM] 10-Day Sugar Rehab program

[EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE COACHING] 10-Day Sugar Rehab program

What is the difference between them?

Depending on how much support you need for the changes and how you feel comfortable in your learning process, the program levels reflect the personal contact hours you have with the resources and of course, Sabine and Marco from Puricious.

There will be a Webinar for answering questions about exactly this point and we will make sure to post the invitation to it here.

Here is the WEBINAR LINK

See you there






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