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Takashi Yamauchi

Posted by jjerlich on 30. March 2018

I continuously receive this wonderful gift from the universe: I meet very interesting people.

Takashi Yamauchi is one of them – he is my hero.

He is a sculptor and professor at a University in Japan.

He is the creator of this wonderful creature.

I asked him why he is crying: He sighed and tried to find the words too explain it to me. After some time that seemed to be forever, he said that the person he created is sad. The sculpture is representing humanity. People do not connect any more. Everyone is lonely and feels disconnected. This is why a river of tears is coming out of the eyes of humanity.

Thinking about this today, I am not sure if this is exactly what he said. But this stuck in my mind. The explanation totally fits for me and that is why these words stuck with me.

Every cell of me is working on connecting people again, looking to team up with people who have the same intentions coupled with 200% motivation to do that.

I really miss you and Mariko-san and hope that we will be able to meet again.

Thank you for sending us these wonderful snapshots from walking the Camino and the many paintings of churches you made on the way

Keep us informed about your new creations.


Camino Takashi Yamauchi Churches Takashi Yamauchi Exhibition Takashi Yamauchi

Takashi Yamauchi



Takashi Yamauchi



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An evening that shakes your world

Posted by jjerlich on 19. March 2018

Building bridges is about the exchange of knowledge, shared values and thought leadership.

It always starts with a personal connection, a shared experience – like a traditional Hanami under the cherry blossom trees!

This is as important in business as in privat life.

Actually for me there is no difference, because the ONLY REAL currency is CONNECTION.

Doing something meaningful with your life, being happy and leaving a footprint or impact as a legacy, is the cornerstone of my motivation … delivered daily.

The WHAT that drives us … do you think it is different across the countries and regions of the world? Maybe not … we all want to create a better life for ourselves and our loved ones.

Being able to actually do that, is nothing anyone of us can do alone. We need others, we need to complement each others skills and competencies. 

Meeting influential leaders from different countries, share perspectives and build trust is invaluable, the people you want to have in your networks  – this is something that feels like GOLD to me.

That`s why I am so happy that I met Callam Fletcher, the person who started and leads ASIA SERIES




Sachio Semmoto AsiaSeries



From a BS in Engineering from Kyoto University, a PhD in Engineering from University of Florida to founder of four leading telecom companies including KDDI Corporation and eAccess employing over 35,000 people.

Dr. Semmoto joined RENOVA as an External Board Member in 2014, becoming Chairman in 2015. Prior to RENOVA, he founded four leading telecom companies including KDDI Corporation and eAccess. KDDI is capitalised at $60bn and employs over 35,000 people.

He was a board member of NetApp, Inc., a major Computer Storage Devices company based in California. He was also a full professor at Keio University, a visiting professor of Carnegie Mellon University and University of California, Berkeley.

H.E. Ambassador Etsuro Honda of the Japanese Embassy will be present at this event.

Use the unique opportunity to meet Semmoto-san in Zurich – Your last minute TICKET




Reserve your tickets


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