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FUN.Basel Vol VII – celebrating …

Posted by jjerlich on 25. June 2017

 … the 1st Anniversary with our community

The heat was on. For the occasion and the temperature. Despite the hot weather we were about 50 people, previous speakers, regulars and new comers, gathered at Launchlabs. We had the honor of having the CEO and owner of Launchlabs among us this time and could personally say how grateful we are for being hosted in such a wonderful location..

Cool that you all came, thank you very much for making it to be with us, especially on that day.

Chapeau to our speakers, thank you for sharing your stories:

Andreas Erbe

Andreas Erbe
Andreas is an innovation consultant and coach specializing in work environments. He enjoys working on agile, space-related projects and so decided four years ago to found launchlabs in Basel to pursue his passion for creating spaces for innovation. His lesson:

Do not trust the four Fs !

He shared with us some of the situations where you are not sure what you were not able to foresee this. The feeling I got was that it is still worth the challenges and pains you have to overcome as an entrepreneur. He calls his “launchlabs – the place where shit happens. Oh, yes, and innovation”.

Launchlabs Basel

Sabine van T HartSabine Van T Hart

Born in the Netherlands, growing up in Australia, finding the love of her life in Italy, now living in Switzerland, She shared her ‘Cookie monster’ story the first time in public. Her friends are still amazed how she made it from her marketing career to start her health coaching business ‘Puricious’.

Do not take your health for granted !

Sabine was our speaker during the SUGAR AWARENESS WEEK, a campaign she and her husband Marco were running to share facts about the effect on sugar in our bodies.

This is an extremely hot topic these days and FUN.Basel was happy to be support it with our community.



Steve Rocco

Steve Rocco
Sustainability is important to him and a word he uses often –  he is really passionate about investments that make an impact for our societies. He co-founded and worked at Mission Markets in New York, a pioneering fintech startup focused on capital raising for impact companies and funds.

Be aware that you are jumping without a parachute.

He said he fucked up so many times that it will be difficult to decide which story to share. It is also quite hard to give you a glimpse into the story he shared. What happens in Launchlabs, … is definitely worth joining.


A question from our Q&A sessions, we are interested to share with you:

Do you only learn from mistake you did yourself or can you also learn from mistakes others made? 

Let us know in an email or the comments below.

We are looking forward to see you on September 6, 2017

The Organisers

Jutta Jerlich & Isabelle Valibus



FUN BASEL Vol VII Speakers 22.06.2017

Read about previous @FUN_Basel evenings

Launchlabs Basel

#FUN.Basel @FUN_Basel



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FUN.Basel Vol V – Walk the talk

Posted by jjerlich on 27. February 2017

An exquisite group of people joined the 5th #FuckUpNightBasel‬ at Launchlabs. The organizers decided that it is time. Time to walk the talk themselves, understanding and experiencing first hand what it means to be a FuckUp Night speaker. Joined by a third professional, the topic of the evening was clear:

3 Stories of Failure in highest management positions: backgrounds and setting

The discussion with the participants was very intense, following question in the center of attention:

How much does your setting have to do with the failure and what does it do to you as an emotional being?

Thanks to our speakers at @FUN_Basel Vol V

… for sharing their stories:

Jutta JerlichJutta Jerlich
Technology evangelist, marketing strategist and educator

Is your market ready for your offer?

As a specialist in building digital communication and content strategies for entrepreneurial minds and organizations facing the challenge of an increasing speed of change, her story showed how you can become like a fish in the water during times or rapid and all encompassing disruptive change.


Holger SchimankeHolger Schimanke
Coach, trainer and consultant for outplacement, career management and executive coaching in Basel & Zürich

Where are your limits?

This is the defining question which also came up during the Q&A session with the audience. Holger is sharing his experiences with people in the similar life situations.




Isabelle Valibus
HRM Consulting and Management Training for Corporate and Human Resources Strategies

How do you define success or failure?

Thanks a lot Isabelle igniting the discussion of how we all define success and respectively failure.



It is wonderful that each and every evening has its own character and style colored by the personalities and stories of our speakers.

We are looking forward to see you again soon.



FUN Basel Vol V Speakers

Read more about @FUN_Basel evenings

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Another first – FUN.Basel Vol III

Posted by jjerlich on 28. September 2016

The third one and the first one

Thanks to everybody who joined us at the 3rd #FuckUpNight‬ in #‎Basel‬ and the first event ever in the new #fluxdock with the next 3 stories from our speakers.

It is wonderful that each and every evening has its own character and style colored by the personalities and stories of our speakers.

Thanks to our speakers at @FUN_Basel Vol III

… for sharing their stories:

Asitta Tabatabai
M.A. lic.iur.

Accredited Coach, Mediator, Supervisor and Trainer of Mediators


Not all projects that smile at you are good for you

She works with people who lost balance in life or at work. Her story reflected that in a very personal way that needs to sink in the mind before forming into a lesson. This is how her students remember her stories years after she told them in class.


kurt_schmidKurt Schmid
coaches individuals, teams and companies to advance their projects and ideas


Is this the end of Marketing?

This is one of the question that came up during the Q&A session with the audience. An amazing person with a story that many know about from the media. It was great to hear about your lessons learned and how the challenges touched you – as it would everyone of us.


Daniel Jordi

Creator of The ChangeMakers Hub & LinkedREvolution
Visionary Connector for High Impact Leaders
Member of the Steering Committee at the Trestle Group Foundation 20:20 Initiative

Show who you are and your tribe always finds you


Thanks a lot Daniel – to follow the third personal invitation as a speaker. We are very happy to support and be part of your mission to bring humanity back into the way we do business.


Please do approach us if …

  • you are interested to be a speaker at FuckUpNights Basel
  • want to host us in your location
  • want to sponsor us or know someone who does
  • are interested in learning how to integrate speaking about failure into your organizational culture  …


We are looking forward to see you again on 10. November 2016.



FUN Basel Vol III Speakers

Read more about @FUN_Basel evenings

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It happens … to all of us

Posted by Stefan@tapabundance.com on 20. September 2016

Errors, defeat, mistakes or failure … whatever word we use for something that has not worked out the way we wanted it to.

What it could hold for us?

Everything that happens will and does have a reason for happening. It sounds a little bit like a cliché however it’s a truth.

The reason can be anything, and maybe it takes a lot of time to be revealed to you. If you start to understand this first important point, you can start to look for the reason in failure and defeat, which you will encounter on your journey.

The next important aspect is this: Failure and Defeat will happen, to all of us. There is nobody excluded from it and nobody will ever be excluded.

stefan_logarWhat is the difference between these two?

Defeat is much more permanent than failure. Defeat is the complete loss of something. If you encounter defeat it can mean that you have to start all over again. It could mean, that you have to rethink a plan completely or it could mean that you would even have to change the products or services you’re offering.

If you encounter defeat, it always will be accompanied by an opportunity. Defeat holds many important lessons for you to learn.

  • It will show you clearly that you were not ready to start in a broad sense.
  • It shows you that you need to gather and apply more new and specialized information and concepts.
  • It shows you also that you have to increase the amount of time that you spend on your journey and be more mindful where you actually spend it on.

Defeat holds a key for you. This key is called translated success. If you overcome defeat, learn from it and adjust to the outcome, it holds an equal amount of success removing the defeat in total.

Failure is something that occurs around us every single day and hides in every action we take.  It comes in many disguises and shows in faces everywhere you look if your mind is programmed to see it.

Not sticking to your own goals and timetables could lead to failure. Also not managing to write the blog you wanted is a failure. As not selling the amounts you hoped for is a failure. And all failures, as well as defeats, come along for a reason.

The sense behind it is, that you start to understand that failure teaches you the responsibility you have for your actions.

If you do start to blame others or things for the failure, you clearly are missing the point that failure is trying to teach you.

It also holds another important lesson for you.  It shows you which roads not to take and the decisions not to make.

“Keep looking for the lessons in failure and defeat. As they will occur and have to occur to help you arise into the personality of a successful entrepreneur that you need to become, to reach your desired lifestyle.”

Stefan Logar



Stefan Logar @Linkedin Pulse

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From a match to the lantern

Posted by juttajerlich on 30. August 2016

Where did the quest take you?

Here is how the story started:
It started with a match …
It started with a match … Part II

Stunned at my success at truing a match into 59 francs I called in to what would be my last transaction. I was running out of time. It was another gift shop with lost of items that looked more expensive than they were. The assistant and I hated and started to select what might be a good trade.

We both know that the retail price is no where near the acquisition price so I thought I was on to a good thing, that is until the owner came back in. At first she, the owner, was somewhat shocked at my proposition but rapport is a beautiful thing.

Remember I am in Zurich and to start with this lady wouldn’t open up in English. with a bit of banter, and pointing out that I am only doing what one of her posters on the wall was saying …

”If you don’t ask for what you want, you won’t get it”,

we became friend in trading. The big challenge here, for me, was she didn’t rate the price tag on the fake lavender. She told me in fact that the quaintly was awful (not her word obviously) and not worth anything other. That said I now believe this to have been a savvy negotiating tactic as I walked out of this shop with a proper gift.

A beach style lantern complete with candle and a price tag of 94 francs.

From a single valueless match to a lantern priced at 94 franc in just over an hour.

So, what can I learn from this?

  • in any negotiation make sure you are talking to the budget holder
  • in any negotiation the other person is always negotiating too
  • build rapport and keep it building politeness and humour go a long way
  • value and price are not always related



Thanks to Martin Daubney for sharing his learning experience

Martin is a successful Executive Coach with many years of experience working with large corporations and Small Business Owners. He helps leaders to overcome limitations to their growth.

“Liberating potential & creating edge both exemplified through encouraging of people to step outside their comfort zone and then in coaching to help them deliver.”



Facebook Page



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It started with a … match

Posted by juttajerlich on 28. August 2016

How did the quest continue?

Here is how the story started:
It started with a match …

On the quest to understand what value is:

Martin 2

Over the road was a small independent florist. My strategy, as it emerged was to target business owners rather than franchises or chain shops. On the way in I noticed some small plants outside for between 12 and 18 francs.

A birthday card for a small plant? Now that has to be a good deal (for me). It was nice and cool inside but as I entered I noticed the 4 women who worked inside, and fortunately one of them was the business owner. She patiently listened to my story, delighted in my feature and benefit sale of the new and unused birthday card, revelled in the banter and did the deal on a real lavender plant. Onwards and upwards.

Success breads success and bored with my own I entered a gift shop that had a sale on. This time the owner was not in the shop and would be away some time. However, on hearing the story it was clear the two ladies in this shop wanted to help.

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It started with a … match

Posted by juttajerlich on 24. August 2016

Learning is great. In fact learning is a life time task. There are some things you can only learn by doing. Good education and training focus on exactly that.

Here is a story from a challenge participants were given in the worldclass mentorship programIndustry Rockstar – to really understand how negotiating for value makes you feel.

This is how it works:
You start with a match and go out on the streets, in stores or wherever you desire to exchange that match for something of higher value. After that you do the same with the object you got. And you keep on going for a certain amount of time. Or until you decide to stop.

Martin Match

From a match to a lantern … Creating Value.

There is an old expression where I come from, and you may have something similar where you are. It’s something about knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Surely it would be better to understand or see the value despite the cost? And does the price tag indicate the value? Probably not in my recent experience.

Anyway … what is value?

A few days ago in Zurich I found myself in a group of 30 started with a match in my hands.

It was actually a very small match and intrinsically held no value at all, unless it was the last match held by Winston Churchill as he was about to light his last cigar. Then suddenly the value of the match increases, for some people and so it goes.

Sadly, my little match had no such provenance. It was just a match that I was challenged to generate some value with or from.

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The Art of Learning from Mistakes

Posted by juttajerlich on 19. April 2016

Book your seatWeil Fehler zum Erfolg führen
Because errors are on your way to success
Parce que l’erreur est source de succès

We cordially invite you to

the first ever FuckUpNight in Basel

12.May 2016

The Basel region is Switzerland’s most dynamic and innovative economic area. Located at the heart of Europe, right next to Germany and France, is is also known for the incomparable art and architecture scene and its lively approach to life.

Trilingual – English, German and French.

Here are the links you need for more details, reserving your seats, joining the FUN.Basel community to engage in your City and be ready for future dates.

Why are we doing this?

————– Take the time to think about this ————–

How do you define success?
How do you look at mistakes and errors?

… exactly … it is a question of definition and interpretation.

A short research leads to the definition of a “fuckup” as a serious or severe mistake. A quick look at history of the word “failure” shows that the origin of its meaning was “non-occurrence”, it’s use changed over time.

Looking at the word FAIL as an acronym is my choice:

FAIL = First Attempt In Learning

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Hard choices

Posted by juttajerlich on 1. December 2015

It is interesting … some topics I stumble across again and again at different points in time – this probably means that I have not yet digested it or taken a stand on it for myself.

I think that some things just take times to evolve and grow and digest … in this hectic times we rarely have this time though. I need to have the time or more so take the time, there is no choice – because it is not in my control how long it takes me – my body, mind and spirit –  to go through it.

I finally understood that I need to be patient with myself if I want to evolve, grow and develop into the me that I have in mind.

The topic of hard choices is in the center of my thought – again – here is how Ruth Chang’s talk caught and fired my thoughts:

51 Karin klHard choices are hard because the alternatives are not equally good – one is not better than the other.

She clearly explains why: there are two worlds we all move around in.

A comparison of alternatives is usually based on numbers and logic – with scientific quantities.

In the world of values, quantification is not done by numbers.

We need to introduce new ways of measuring …  Ruth proposes: … that the alternatives are “on a par.”

When alternatives are on a par, it may matter very much which you choose, but one alternative isn’t better than the other. Rather, the alternatives are in the same neighborhood of value, in the same league of value, while at the same time being very different in kind of value. That’s why the choice is hard.”

There is no best alternative.

Knowing this alone makes the choice somehow easier, because you can not be wrong.

Are you are someone who fears to be wrong? You can not be wrong.

“Understanding hard choices in this way uncovers something about ourselves we didn’t know. Each of us has the power to create reasons.”

What reasons for choosing one or the other alternative do you make?

Or are you one of the people who don’t exercise their normative powers in hard choices? Are you a drifter?

“Drifters allow the world to write the story of their lives. They let mechanisms of reward and punishment — pats on the head, fear, the easiness of an option — to determine what they do.”

I choose to not be a drifter.


Ruth Chang on how to make hard choices

3 timeless rules for making tough decisions
Actually time does play a role

From my favorite read Effortless Decision-Making

From the world of Numbers A former CIA executives advice on how to make hard decisions
Easy to spot that this is not the way 🙂

How Richard Branson makes decisions
A mix of both worlds

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„In bester Gesellschaft“

Posted by juttajerlich on 29. August 2015

Das wunderbare Projekt der Allgäupflege, bei dem Senioren in Filmstars verwandelt werden

"Oh, Herr Hessel! Sie sehen aber schick aus!", schwärmt eine junge Schwester. 
"I don't know", sagt er in Magnum-Manier und mustert sein neues Ich noch einmal schmunzelnd im Spiegel.

Für Innovationen und unkonventionelle Ideen aufgeschlossen zu sein, ist Teil der Strategie und Ziel jeder Organisation. Dieses Ziel aber auch wirklich umsetzen zu können, ist äußerst selten.

Umso mehr freut es mich, Ihnen genauso ein Beispiel – das Kalenderprojekt der AllgäuPflege vorstellen zu können:

„In bester Gesellschaft“ ist ein Kalenderprojekt der Allgäu Pflege Oberallgäu; es lichtet die Bewohner der Seniorenheime in Hollywood-Atmosphäre ab. 15 Männer und Frauen zwischen 71 und 91 Jahren haben dabei mitgemacht. Die Senioren sind überrascht und können es selbst gar nicht glauben, als sie die ersten Fotos in Händen hielten. Und schon gar nicht deren Familien.

atvIch kann gar nicht aufhören, die Presseartikel und Fernsehberichte der einzelnen Lebensgeschichten der Stars zu lesen.

Das Leben eines jeden Menschen ist einzigartig, jede Geschichte besonders.

Das besondere an diesem Projekt, dass es in erster Linie um die Menschen geht: die Ideenbringer, die Zauberer der Umsetzung, die Stars mit Ihren Wünschen und Lebensgeschichten.

Es geht um das Zuhören, das Miteinander, die Beziehungen, das Mitfühlen und das gemeinsame Nachdenken über Lebensqualität in jedem Alter.

Seit Jan 2015 liefen die Vorbereitungen: Drehorte, Kostüme und Requisiten, alles musste organisiert werden. Im September soll der Kalender 2016 “In bester Gesellschaft” zu kaufen sein.

BR1 sat1

Die Verwandlung in eine Marilyn Monroe mit 87 Jahren ist zauberhaft !!! Großartig !!!

Initiatorin: Verena Fedtke, AllgäuPflege gGmbH

Zauberer der Umsetzung: Fotographin Susanne Mölle und Maskenbildner Toni Leypoldt


Kalender 2016 “In bester Gesellschaft” kaufen

Medienecho www.allgaeupflege.de



Villa Gloss auf Facebook


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Weihnachtsspuren – Traces of Christmas

Posted by juttajerlich on 29. December 2014


Thank you very much Leypoldt family for welcoming me this warmhearted. The most wonderful Christmas present imaginable.

Here is one of the poems we read on the 24th of December just before singing Holy Night Silent Night. It is coming close to capturing what Christmas means to me.

Wenn mir einer die Frage stellt
nach Weihnachten in unserer Welt
muss ich nicht schweigen
will ich ihm zeigen, was damals begann
als Weihnachten seinen Anfang nahm.

Wo einer dem anderen neu vertraut
und mit ihm eine Brücke baut
um Hass und Feindschaft zu überwinden,
da kannst du Weihnachtspuren finden.

Wo einer am Ende nicht verzagt
und einen neuen Anfang wagt,
um Leid und Trauer zu überwinden,
da kannst du Weihnachtspuren finden.

Wo einer im Dunkeln nicht verstummt,
sondern das Lied der Hoffnung summt,
um Angst und Stille zu überwinden,
da kannst du Weihnachtspuren finden.

Wo einer das Unbequeme wagt
und offen seine Meinung sagt,
um Schein und Lüge zu überwinden,
da kannst du Weihnachtspuren finden.

Wo einer gegen die Strömung schwimmt,
und fremde Lasten auf sich nimmt,
um Not und Elend zu überwinden,
da kannst du Weihnachtspuren finden.

Wo einer dich aus der Trägheit weckt
und einen Weg mit dir entdeckt,
um hohe Mauern zu überwinden,
da kannst du Weihnachtspuren finden.

When someone asks me a question
about Christmas in our world
I do not remain silent
and want to explain what it means
when Christmas starts to take place.

Where someone trusts another person again
and builds a bridge with him or her
to overcome hate and hostility,
there you can find traces of Christmas.

Where someone does not give up hope
and dares to try again one more time,
to overcome pain and sorrow,
there you can find traces of Christmas.

Where some does not fall silent in the dark,
but is humming the song of hope,
to overcome fear and silence,
there you can find traces of Christmas.

Where someone dares to do the inconvenient
and voices his or her opinion openly,
to overcome illusions and lies,
there you can find traces of Christmas.

Where someone is swimming against the current,
and takes on others burden,
to overcome poverty and hardship,
there you can find traces of Christmas.

Where someone wakes you from your inaction,
and discovers a new pathway with you,
to overcome high walls,
there you can find traces of Christmas.

From an unknown author

Ich habe den Faden weitergeführt … I think I have something to add

Wo einer nicht die Augen verschliesst,
und tief drinnen den Schmerz mitfühlt,
können Wunden der Seele langsam verschwinden,
da kannst du Weihnachtspuren finden.
Where someone does not close his or her eyes,
and deep inside feels the pain of another,
for the soul wound to be able to slowly heal,
there you can find traces of Christmas.

Haben Sie etwas hinzuzufügen?   Do you have something to add?

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Why do powerful leaders not do more good?

Posted by juttajerlich on 3. October 2014

Check out this very interesting report from the University of Lausanne:

moreGoodThe most interesting finding for me is

“Honesty does not shield a person from mis-using power.”

Thanks to Dan Ariely’s Blog


John Antonakis, Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, and his colleagues just came out with a new paper on power and corruption (and Testosterone).

Important and fascinating — and for sure worth the 14 min of this video


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My Austrian experience

Posted by uthamkumard on 23. October 2013


I traveled to Vienna, Austria in July, 2012 with a heavy heart and with a purpose that seemed more important to me than continuing my job in my home land.
I was sent to coordinate a project that my company executed for an Austrian company. My company had booked my accommodation and I was living in a hotel close to the new office.

The day I arrived in Vienna, it was a dull day with grey clouds and rain. It seemed that they were representative of my life at that point in time and it will remain this grey for the rest of my time in Vienna. The hotel staff hardly spoke any English and apparently, I did not know a single word of German. But, they spoke to me in English with a unique accent and since I have had experience of interacting with people from different nations before, I could manage to understand their part of conversation. But, when it came to my turn to speak in English, the hotel staff would look at me disgusted as if I have just lost my way from the planet Mars and accidentally landed in front of their hotel and requesting them for directions to my planet again. My English is actually not that bad and the very purpose why my company sent me as a coordinator is that I had good communications skills.  The hotel staff was often rude except for one employee, who was the only relief for me in that place. The fact that the receptionist offered me cold water when I complained about the hot weather in July must tell you something about their hospitality. I at least deserved a fan for the 90 Euros I paid daily for the entire month. More about my stay, later.

The first day I entered the office in Vienna, I was greeted well by the manager and was waiting for the engineer with whom I would have to work daily for the project. He arrived at about 9

When, I arrived there were no colleagues whom I recognize in the new office. I did not have any friends that I knew in Vienna at that time. I was all on my own.

to be continued …

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Nicht ausgedrückte Wut und Dankbarkeit

Posted by jjerlich on 10. October 2013

MorgenSportSeit 90 Jahren bewegt sich ganz Japan morgens zur Radiogymnastik.
Wenn nicht selbst erlebt, hätte ich dies nicht als reale Wirklichkeit empfinden können. Gefühlsmäßig erzeugt der Anblick großer Menschengruppen, die den Aufforderungen einer einzigen Stimme folgen, die Einnerung an ähnliche Bilder aus dem Geschichtsunterricht vom Mitmachen ab.

Die Zeit meines Lebens, die ich in Japan verbracht habe, wird mich immer mit dem Land und den Menschen, den Freunden und Kontakten verbinden.
Was ich dort gelernt habe, wird mich immer begleiten.
Was mich dort frustriert hat und zuinnerst verstummen hat lassen, wird mich immer sehr traurig stimmen.

Es wird mich antreiben und erinnern, dass ich mich weiter Veränderungen und Verbesserungen einsetzen werde, die soviele Leben wie nur möglich berühren.

Arte Doku: Der Bauch von Tokio
Filmtipp – Wie Tokyo mit Lebensmitteln und Wasser versorgt wird. Interviews mit Leuten vor und nach 3-2011. JapanerInnen, die vor der Radioaktivitaet Angst haben, berichten über Ihr Leben davor und danach. Ein Thema, das in den japanischen Medien totgeschwiegen wird.

Aus Unwissen: Im Frühjahr 2011 tranken 2,5 Millionen Menschen 8 Tage lang Wasser, dass mit radioaktivem Jod belastet war. Bis heute hat die Anlage Probleme mit radioaktivem Cäsium.

Zwei Sätze für 300 Tonnen radioaktives Wasser
Japans Regierung gab offiziell bekannt, dass bei Fukushima ein gigantisches Verseuchungsproblem besteht. Kaum eine Meldung wert?!


Nuclear Energy in Japan von Tabea Sano, Autauschstudentin in Japan
In Erinnerung an Fukushima Frischer denn je
To be in the spotlight for a cause Eine Meinung bilden und vertreten muss gelernt sein

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Posted by juttajerlich on 5. July 2013

Cisco - Gert de Laet Eu Alliance for Apprenticeship All signature providers

At the Worldskills 2013 in Leipzig the Launch event of the “European Alliance for Apprenticeships” (EAfA) took place and pledges were signed by several companies and organizations committing to strengthen vocational education that has shown to be responsible for the low youth unemployment rates in some of the European Countries as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Cisco represented by Gert de Laet from Learning @ Cisco is signing the pledge of Cisco’s commitment to support the alliance.

Participants and Alumnis from Cisco Networking Academies are showing a strong presence at World Skills 2013 in Leizig competing in skill 39 IT and Networking Technology. It is great to see how the 15 year old Cisco Networking Academy Program has such a impressive impact on the economic and labor market situation in the 165 countries it operates in.

The Cisco Networking Academy Program is a CSR initiative which gives schools, universities and educational institutions access to learning material and practical learning labs for being an expert in building the highways of the Internet



To spread the information here are more photos from the European Alliance for Apprenticeship [EAfA] Meeting in Lepizig.

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Stark am Berg und Langfristiges Denken

Posted by juttajerlich on 29. November 2012

Starkl_klWas hat denn das miteinander zu tun, denken Sie sich sicher gerade. In meiner Gedankenwelt ist der Zusammenhang ganz eindeutig. Wenn man auf die Berge geht, muss man langfristig denken und für alle Eventualitäten gerüstet sein. Auch wenn das Wetter noch so schön ist, schlechtes Wetter darf auch kein Problem sein. Man muss immer für alles bereit sein. Das bedeutet Sicherheit und man kann die Schönheit der Berge beruhigt genießen.

Aber es gibt noch einen zweiten Aspekt zu diesem Zusammenhang und den finde ich besonders klug und gleichzeitig mutig. Langfristiges Denken beweist der Eigentümer Hans-Peter Starkl vom Bergsport Geschäft Starkl in der Toni-Schruf-Gasse 12 in Mürzzuschlag. Selbst Bergexperte, Schifahrer und Wanderer gibt es keine besseren Empfehlungen zu Schuhen, Kleidung, Gerätschaft und was es sonst noch so gibt. Denn er hat alles selbst ausprobiert und teilt die negativen wie positiven Erfahrungen mit Ihnen. Die Zeit, Sie zu beraten, nimmt er sich immer, auch wenn das Geschäft voll ist und viele Leute noch warten.

Besonders bemerkenswert ist für mich sein Prinzip, dass jeder Kunde Schuhe auch zuhause ausprobieren darf bis man den Schuh gefunden hat, der wie für einen gemacht ist.

Herrn Starkls Worte “Was habe ich von einem Kunden, der einmal ein paar Schuhe bei mir kauft, aber dann nicht mehr wieder kommt, weil er nicht zufrieden ist” sind einfach unüberbietbar klug. Das sagen auch seine Mitarbeiter. Und das ist für mich langfristiges Denken.

Mutig habe ich es genannt, weil der Erfolg mit so einer Strategie nicht über Nacht kommt, sondern eben auch seine Zeit braucht. Doch nachhaltig aufgebaut bedeutet auch stabil weiterführbar. Finde ich gut.

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Creativity Engineering News: Interesting new group topics

Posted by jjerlich on 31. October 2012

Each course is very different and here are this year’s group topics. Looking forward to to all results and more so to the way each one of the participants gets there …

G1 – City innovation study
G2 – The Human Power Plant
G3 – Online Platform Lecture Notes
G4 – Electric Scooter – Green bike
G5 – website for sharing recipes for people with medical situations
G6 – Group Traveling
G7 – Transportation Development in Cities
G8 – Social Magnetism brings poles together
G9 – Buddy Shopping
G10 – Multicopter
G11 – Synchronize ya Family
G12 – Control of objects by thoughts
G13 – Effect of colour in the building
G14 – Online learning platform
G15 – From traditional office work to work from home
G16 – Sustainable energy/resource saving
G18 – re-gain Energy
G19 – Eco Loco
G20 – Unused urban spaces
G21 – Uses for recycled waste
G22 – Team up

Interested in one of them?

Happy to connect with you. Just get in touch with me.

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To be in the spotlight for a cause

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Toby Weymiller I respect this actor who lost over 90% of his annual income to fight against giant nuclear power machine!
Actor in the spotlight of Japan’s antinuke movement | The Japan Times Online
Jutta Jerlich As I learned In Japan people who fight and want things to improve, pay a very high price – mostly loosing all their income and consequently life. That is why very few people dare to even think about change.
Toby Weymiller OR ….that fear is there and; consequently, it’s hard to gather momentum with any movement against something large and powerful like this industry. Sadly, I believe the public are fairly easy to "control" here, but many countries are like this. America, to some extent,
is like this, as well.
Tsuguo Fujita 自分の考えをしっかり持って発言できるのはすばらしいと思います。
Toby Weymiller I agree, Fujita-san. To be able to speak your beliefs freely is wonderful.
Jutta Jerlich I ‘d be happy to help build momentum for change in Japan

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Why is communication the key?

Posted by juttajerlich on 9. March 2012


Everyone has different thinking styles, experiences and perspectives based on their individual background, upbringing and education. The only way to get a 360 degree view of issues in an organization is to consider the opinion and ideas of others. This is especially true when it comes to seeing opportunities and threats as well as when dealing with complex issues.

To be able to share opinions and ideas a person needs to communicate. He or she also has to take into account that the messages sent out need to be received and understood in the intended way.

Communication is a two-way street, which is what is often forgotten. There are so many ways that things can go wrong in a communication that it is actually surprising when people really understand each other. This is usually the case when a relationship was built over a long period of time and is based on trust and respect for each other.

When do we like to share our opinions and ideas?
With who do we like to share our opinions and ideas?

With people we feel connected. With people we trust.
When we feel that our opinions and ideas are valued and respected.

This is not surprising and I am sure that you know what I am talking about and can tell me an example out of your personal life confirming this.

So why is it so hard to accept that this is how the climate and work environment in our companies should be? Simple fact, maybe too simple, to make it important on the decision makers agenda. Luckily more and more companies leaders do make it a top priority on their agenda.

Scientific research showed that employees who feel more engaged and connected are 22% more productive. Form an organizational point of view this means that feeling connected fosters relationships and opens up the knowledge flow.

-> Greater knowledge flow is essential for leaders to be better informed to be able to make optimal decisions.
-> Greater knowledge flow fuels the creation of ideas that stimulates innovation.

Of course, the fact is that people need to be good at what they do.

This leads us to a (very simple) formula:
Task Excellence + Relationship Excellence = Sustainable Superior Performance

Now what do you mean with Relationship Excellence?

Relationships are about connecting with people, sharing and communication on the basis of respect. A basic human need. The need to belong.

What does this mean translated into the world of an organization?
How do we feel connected within a company?

I believe that it can best be described through these 3 elements:


VISION exists when everyone is motivated by the mission, united by shared values and proud for what the company stands for.

VALUE exists when everyone understands the needs of people, appreciates their unique contributions and helps them achieve their potential.

VOICE is when everyone in an organization seeks the ideas of others, shares ideas honestly and safeguards relational connections.

I believe that one of the fastest and most powerful levers to work with and use those three elements is to install an ongoing Learning and Development process, it could also be an innovation management process – personal learning, learning with and from others is in the center.

It equips a task force with the best abilities to deal with the pace of change, its direction and often unpredictability. As never before organizations depend on the capability and capacity of its employees to be agile and responsive to trends in the market.

Looking forward to your feedback – connect – contact – lets work together …


Improving employee engagement is not simply about improving productivity

IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science
Implications of Employee Engagement on Critical Business Outcomes – An Empirical Evidence

Employees Want a Lot More From Their Managers


The social network by Shukou Tsuchiya

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Sprache eröffnet eine eigene Welt

Posted by juttajerlich on 22. October 2011

Judith Brandner stellte heute in einem Vortrag an der Nagoya City University einige Autoren vor, die Deutsch nicht von Geburt an ihre Muttersprache nannten. Die vier vorgestellten Beitrage über Sina Tahayori, Zwetelina Damjanova-Ortega, Michael Stavaric und Sohn Young stammen aus der Ö1-Radiokolleg Serie “Andernworts – Deutsch schreiben – mehrsprachig denken” und waren sehr interessant und eindrucksvoll. Eine bedeutende Rolle in der Entwicklung dieser völlig unterschiedlichen Persönlichkeiten und deren Werken spielte und spielt Christa Stippinger mit dem Zentrum Exil und dem Exil-literaturpreis „schreiben zwischen den kulturen“.

Was ich als Gemeinsamkeit sehe, ist die Erfahrung, dass jede Sprache eine neue Welt mit sich bringt. Dies ist meine Erfahrung aus dem Sprachunterricht an japanischen Universitäten. Jede Sprache verbirgt in sich eine Art des Denkens und Kommunizierens, die die Gesellschaft und deren Werte und Traditionen in gewisser Weise abbildet. Sprache ist mehr als nur Sprache. Sprache ist Verpackung für Kultur.

Wenn man eine neue Sprache lernt, muss man in diese Kultur eintauchen und am besten selbst erleben, wie Menschen aus diesem Sprachkreis miteinander kommunizieren. Man muss die kulturellen Hintergründe verstehen lernen. Je weiter die Kultur der neuen Sprache von seiner eigenen Muttersprache entfernt ist, umso schwieriger ist dies.

↑↑↑ Deutsch ↑↑↑ ↓↓↓ English ↓↓↓

Today Judith Brandner introduced four authors at the Nagoya City University who did not name German as their mother tongue all their life. The short reports about Sina Tahayori, Zwetelina Damjanova-Ortega, Michael Stavaric and Sohn Young are from a radio series called “Elsewhere – writing in German – thinking multilingual” and were very interesting and impressive. Christa Stippinger with Zentrum Exil and her literature award „Writing between cultures“ played and plays an important role in the development of those four unique personalities and their works.

What connects them is the experience that each language opens up a new world. This is also my experience from teaching language classes in several Japanese universities. Each language encompasses a specific form of thinking and communicating that mirrors society, its values and traditions in certain ways. Language is more than language. Language is a packaging for culture.

If you learn a new language you have to experience the culture of the language region and at best personally interact with people living there. You have to understand the cultural background of a language. The further away the new language is from your own origin, the harder this can turn out to be.

Nachhören unter www.judithbrandner.at

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