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Die Macht von Konzernen – the Power of Multinationals

Posted by jjerlich on 14. January 2011

Filmtipp – the Movie BANANAS!

12 nicaraguanische Bananenarbeiter und deren Klage gegen den weltgrößten Obstunternehmer Dole. Eine spannende Chronik eines Gerichtsthof-Dramas, dass nach und nach die vielen Schichten der globalen Nahrungsmittelpolitik und der Dynamik zwischen der Ersten und Dritten Welt enthüllt. Laufende Kameras im Gerichtssaal und Interviews mit dem Anwalt Dominguez und den Klägern ziehen den Zuschauer mitten in die Geschichte hinein.

Bananas documents the history of a lawsuit brought by Nicaraguan banana plantation workers who were allegedly made sterile by Dole’s use of the pesticide DBCP. The Tellez v. Dole Food trial is considered to be a landmark case in the history of workers’ rights. On behalf of twelve Nicaraguan banana workers Juan “Accidentes” Dominguez is tackling Dole Food in a ground-breaking legal battle for their use of a banned pesticide that was known by the company to cause sterility.

Interestingly it the movie was removed from the prestigious Documentary Competition at the Los Angeles Film Festival. In fact, Dole went to court to file an injunction to stop the film from being shown. The judge threw it out, saying that she “will not consider any request for prior restraint on free speech.” Director Fredrik Gertten immediately declared in his impassioned introduction to the screening that he did not endorse the statement of the Festival. This elicited a huge cheer from the audience, even though nobody had yet seen the film.

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Kinogutscheine Greenpeace gewinnen
Gewinnfrage bis Montag, den 17. Jänner 2011 um 24:00 Uhr beantworten


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Virqual Newsletter January 2011

Posted by jjerlich on 10. January 2011

Virqual Status Report
Wir integrierten uns in die internationale Online Community im Bereich e-Learning, Hochschulausbildung, Bewertung, Qualitätssicherung in der Lehre und virtuelle Mobilität in der Praxis, lieferten Beiträge und Feedback für das Intended Learning Outcomes ILO repository . Der Bericht über den Status der Aktivitäten der EU Ländern im Bereich e-Learning und EQF wurde in Form einer klickbaren Landkarte präsentiert.

Virqual Newsletter Jänner 2011 – download hier

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Kulturimpuls focused on getting to know the international online community active in the area of e-Learning, Higher Education, Assessment, Quality in Learning and virtual mobility in praxis. We contributed and supplied feedback for the Intended Learning Outcomes ILO repository
The report about the status of activities in EU countries about e-Learning and EQF was presented in form of a clickable country map

Virqual Newsletter January 2011 – download here

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In search for ideas and talented people

Posted by juttajerlich on 1. January 2011

SharingCompanies and organizations need to develop their business and maintain their position on the market. More than ever companies will require new ideas and inspirations from talented people with core human values. The search for this essential resource is more than important and should be giving the right value and weight in organizational processes.

Only few companies understand this.

Here is one example:
Lyn Heward from Cirque Du Soleil is bringing it to the point.

– Wanting to be a member of a team
– Courage to take risk
– Generosity to share creative ideas

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