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All Generations engaged at WorldSkills 2013

Posted by juttajerlich on 9. July 2013

Our Youth – Our Future

The Worldskills 2013 in Leipzig were an event not only for highly engaged and highly competent youth in 46 professions. It was also a cross-generation event. There were an equal amount of experts committed to mentor and coach their national winners to be able to compete with the best talents of 52 nations.

There were many meetings and conferences that took place in the Conference Center of Leipzig Messe organized and attended by European and OECD leaders about youth (un)employment from across the world.  In this truly global effort, that will be the basis for a continuously engaged platform, you could meet Ministers, Law Makers, CEOs of companies and foundations. They came together to not only speak about the currently very bad situation for youth in many countries but to take action and offer perspectives and a future to their youth.

The focus was put on joining forces, using synergies, learning from other`s mistakes and successes to leverage existing knowledge for changing the way things are. The dual education system which has been an essential part of the national education system in Germany, Switzerland and Austria is believed to be a big part of the solution to low youth unemployment. I attended following conferences during the WorldSkills Competition:

Green Industrial Skills for Sustainable Development

Humanity faces enormous challenges in the sustainability of our current lifestyles and systems. The decisions we take can either move us in the direction of sustainability or contribute to the growing problems. Green Industries are the driver towards sustainability and currently experience a high growth time. It is crucial to have access to the necessary skills to be able to realize the potential growth path.

The conference took place on July 1, 2013 and started with a plenary sessions and keynote addresses from Nobel Peace prize Laureate H.E. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Chairperson National League for Democracy in Myanmar, Ursula Müller from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany, Chakib Jeane and Marcos Pontes from UNIDO and Olga Strietska-Ilina from ILO. The following three panel discussions were dedicated to following topics:

  • Panel 1:  Green Industry Initiative
  • Panel 2:  Skills Development for renewable energy
  • Panel 3:  Worldskills and how to sustain the industry through green skills competition development

It was a very interesting day dominated by the questions of how VET Vocational Education and Training can solve this problem to fill the skills gap detected in this crucial sector.

European Alliance for Apprenticeships” (EAfA)

Please see article about this initiative.

Skilling the future: VET and Workplace learning for Economic Success

This international conference organized by the OECD and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research [BMBF] focused on the role of Vocational and Adult Education as well as Workplace learning as the emerging challenges. After the keynote parallel working groups started and engaged in the following topics

  1. VET and higher education: transition pathways and innovative blends of VET
  2. Systematic development of apprenticeships and workplace learning: changing roles of responsibilities of trainees, employers and social partners
  3. Innovative concepts for making the bridge between school and work

I participated in the working group three and presented the success story of  Cisco Networking Academy – a CSR Program for educational organizations supplying a learning platform with IT Networking and System resources for IT skills development.

The Worldskills Conference Program 2013 “Our Youth – Our Future” was definitely a highlight of the WorldSkills Competition and will be instrumental to connect stakeholders on a global level to implement policies and programs that improve the situation and give our youth a prospective and positive outlook into the future of their nations.

Worldskills Leipzig 2013
WorldSkills Conference Program
Cisco Networking Academy Program


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Posted by juttajerlich on 5. July 2013

Cisco - Gert de Laet Eu Alliance for Apprenticeship All signature providers

At the Worldskills 2013 in Leipzig the Launch event of the “European Alliance for Apprenticeships” (EAfA) took place and pledges were signed by several companies and organizations committing to strengthen vocational education that has shown to be responsible for the low youth unemployment rates in some of the European Countries as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Cisco represented by Gert de Laet from Learning @ Cisco is signing the pledge of Cisco’s commitment to support the alliance.

Participants and Alumnis from Cisco Networking Academies are showing a strong presence at World Skills 2013 in Leizig competing in skill 39 IT and Networking Technology. It is great to see how the 15 year old Cisco Networking Academy Program has such a impressive impact on the economic and labor market situation in the 165 countries it operates in.

The Cisco Networking Academy Program is a CSR initiative which gives schools, universities and educational institutions access to learning material and practical learning labs for being an expert in building the highways of the Internet



To spread the information here are more photos from the European Alliance for Apprenticeship [EAfA] Meeting in Lepizig.

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WEBINAR: EQF and Recognition of prior learning – the buzzword Lifelong learning

Posted by jjerlich on 25. October 2011

Lifelong LearningLebenslanges Lernen ist eine Begriff, der viel beinhaltet. Lebenslanges Lernen hat Auswirkungen in verschiedensten Bereichen und auf unterschiedlichen Ebenen. Dieses vielschichtige Thema wird in unserem dritten WEBINAR behandelt. Virqual beschäftigt sich damit, wie dies in den nationalen Rahmenbedingungen, den NQF, sowie dem darüber stehenden Meta-Framework, den EQF, berücksichtigt und implementiert wird. Die Aufnahme des WEBINARs steht Ihnen hier zur Verfügung.
Gast und Experte: Michel Feutrie (Université de Lille)

↑↑↑ Deutsch ↑↑↑ ↓↓↓ English ↓↓↓

Lifelong Learning is a term that encompasses a lot. Lifelong Learning has effects on different areas and on different levels. This complex topic is in the focus of our third WEBINAR. Virqual researches how this is integrated into the national framework, the NQF, and in the European meta-framework, the EQF. The recording of the WEBINARs can be found here.
Guest Expert: Michel Feutrie (Université de Lille)


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Virqual Newsletter June 2011

Posted by jjerlich on 10. June 2011

Virqual Status Report
Durch unsere Aktivitäten in Expertengruppen zu den Themen virtuelles Lernen und Mobilität auf verschiedenen sozialen Plattformen konnten wir international mit Lehrenden und Experten über deren Erfahrungen im täglichen Umfeld diskutieren. Die Webinare haben zu diesem regen Austausch wesentlich beigetragen.

Virqual Newsletter vom Juni 2011 – download here

↑↑↑ Deutsch ↑↑↑ ↓↓↓ English ↓↓↓

In our network building activities on social platform groups dedicated or related to the topic of virtual learning and mobility we connected with international educators and experts and engaged in discussions about the benefits and issues in their environment. The Webinars contributed to this vivid exchange of thought.

Virqual Newsletter from June 2011 – download here

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Virqual Newsletter January 2011

Posted by jjerlich on 10. January 2011

Virqual Status Report
Wir integrierten uns in die internationale Online Community im Bereich e-Learning, Hochschulausbildung, Bewertung, Qualitätssicherung in der Lehre und virtuelle Mobilität in der Praxis, lieferten Beiträge und Feedback für das Intended Learning Outcomes ILO repository . Der Bericht über den Status der Aktivitäten der EU Ländern im Bereich e-Learning und EQF wurde in Form einer klickbaren Landkarte präsentiert.

Virqual Newsletter Jänner 2011 – download hier

↑↑↑ Deutsch ↑↑↑ ↓↓↓ English ↓↓↓

Kulturimpuls focused on getting to know the international online community active in the area of e-Learning, Higher Education, Assessment, Quality in Learning and virtual mobility in praxis. We contributed and supplied feedback for the Intended Learning Outcomes ILO repository
The report about the status of activities in EU countries about e-Learning and EQF was presented in form of a clickable country map

Virqual Newsletter January 2011 – download here

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Grüne Elektronik – gute Orientierung wer was wirklich kann!

Posted by juttajerlich on 26. October 2010

Grüne ElektronikGreenpeace veröffentlicht heute die bereits 16. Ausgabe des Ratgebers “Grüne Elektronik”.
Die Kluft zwischen engagierten Herstellern und jenen, die an den eigenen Versprechen scheitern, wird immer größer.

– Weiterhin führend ist Nokia, mein persönlicher Handyfavorit aus Finnland.
– Panasonic hat als erster Hersteller eine Initiative zur freiwilligen Rücknahme und zum Recycling seiner Fernseher in Indien gestartet.
– Die RoHS Richtlinie beschränkt gefährliche Materialien in Elektronikprodukten innerhalb der EU. Eine Überarbeitung ist geplant.

Ratgeber Grüne Elektronik

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Virqual Newsletter May 2010

Posted by jjerlich on 31. May 2010

Virqual Status Report
Netzwerken und Informationen verteilen stand am Programm. Da das Thema Virtuelle Mobilität viele Bereiche anspricht, wir mit vielen verschiedenen Experten arbeiten und das auch noch verteilt auf verschiedene geographische Regionen, war die Kommunikation teilweise sehr ineffizient und verbesserungswürdig. Gemeinesam mit der Technischen Universität Wien unterbreiteten wir einen Vorschlag zur Verbesserung der Prozesse.

Virqual Newsletter Mai 2011 – download hier

↑↑↑ Deutsch ↑↑↑ ↓↓↓ English ↓↓↓

Dissemination activities dominated the project work and first steps for network building took place. Due to the highly complex subject and the distributed partner network work process inefficiencies lead us to create a proposal for process streamlining together with the Vienna University of Technology.

Virqual Newsletter May 2011 – download here

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Virqual Newsletter February 2010

Posted by jjerlich on 10. March 2010

Virqual Status Report
Die Erfahrung mit dem Blended Learning Kurs Ecodesign wurde analysiert und als Case Study dokumentiert. Um die Case Studies aller Partner besser vergleichen zu können und Unterschiede sowie Gemeinsamkeiten schneller sichtbar werden zu lassen, erstellten wir einen integrierten Case Study Bericht. Zudem schlugen wir eine strukturierte Kommentierung für Dokumente vor, die von Partner in ihrer Recherchen verwendet wurden.

Virqual Newsletter Februar 2010 – download hier

↑↑↑ Deutsch ↑↑↑ ↓↓↓ English ↓↓↓

The case study Ecodesign (a blended learning course) was analyzed in relation to the project. Kulturimpuls created an integrated case study report analyzing all case studies for their prime parameters, relevance for the project and conclusion. We proposed a structured commentary for all documents used in research by all partners.

Virqual Newsletter February 2010 – download here

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