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My Austrian experience

Posted by uthamkumard on 23. October 2013


I traveled to Vienna, Austria in July, 2012 with a heavy heart and with a purpose that seemed more important to me than continuing my job in my home land.
I was sent to coordinate a project that my company executed for an Austrian company. My company had booked my accommodation and I was living in a hotel close to the new office.

The day I arrived in Vienna, it was a dull day with grey clouds and rain. It seemed that they were representative of my life at that point in time and it will remain this grey for the rest of my time in Vienna. The hotel staff hardly spoke any English and apparently, I did not know a single word of German. But, they spoke to me in English with a unique accent and since I have had experience of interacting with people from different nations before, I could manage to understand their part of conversation. But, when it came to my turn to speak in English, the hotel staff would look at me disgusted as if I have just lost my way from the planet Mars and accidentally landed in front of their hotel and requesting them for directions to my planet again. My English is actually not that bad and the very purpose why my company sent me as a coordinator is that I had good communications skills.  The hotel staff was often rude except for one employee, who was the only relief for me in that place. The fact that the receptionist offered me cold water when I complained about the hot weather in July must tell you something about their hospitality. I at least deserved a fan for the 90 Euros I paid daily for the entire month. More about my stay, later.

The first day I entered the office in Vienna, I was greeted well by the manager and was waiting for the engineer with whom I would have to work daily for the project. He arrived at about 9

When, I arrived there were no colleagues whom I recognize in the new office. I did not have any friends that I knew in Vienna at that time. I was all on my own.

to be continued …


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Creativity Engineering started @Team Meeting Space

Posted by juttajerlich on 13. October 2013

Vienna, 13.10.2013

The new semester is here and Creativity Engineering started into its TEAM FINDING PHASE traditionally on its online forums. This year we also offered a Saturday TEAM MEETING SPACE event – live and old fashioned but much easier to talk to each other, groups were born and ideas connected to people or vice versa.

Here an overview about these year’s groups

Urban Renewal  ::  Be safe  :: Volunteer Path  :: 3D Experience  :: Drainergy  :: Collaboration  :: Incognito  :: Cradle to Cradle  :: Casino Strategy
Group Finding Tool  :: Future Transportation  :: Dream Furniture

There are still open seats in teams for people who could not decided yet, which idea motivates and excites them most. Please go out there and connect to people and ideas.


URBAN RENEWAL MAP looking for someone with
a background in MARKETING or INFORMATICS

More teams in the process of formation:
House Energy card, Interchangability Format, iCount, Go Gnceu, Goal Barter, Electrical Steam Generator, Temporary Summer Camp, Augmented Reality App, Ice Cream Glove

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Nicht ausgedrückte Wut und Dankbarkeit

Posted by jjerlich on 10. October 2013

MorgenSportSeit 90 Jahren bewegt sich ganz Japan morgens zur Radiogymnastik.
Wenn nicht selbst erlebt, hätte ich dies nicht als reale Wirklichkeit empfinden können. Gefühlsmäßig erzeugt der Anblick großer Menschengruppen, die den Aufforderungen einer einzigen Stimme folgen, die Einnerung an ähnliche Bilder aus dem Geschichtsunterricht vom Mitmachen ab.

Die Zeit meines Lebens, die ich in Japan verbracht habe, wird mich immer mit dem Land und den Menschen, den Freunden und Kontakten verbinden.
Was ich dort gelernt habe, wird mich immer begleiten.
Was mich dort frustriert hat und zuinnerst verstummen hat lassen, wird mich immer sehr traurig stimmen.

Es wird mich antreiben und erinnern, dass ich mich weiter Veränderungen und Verbesserungen einsetzen werde, die soviele Leben wie nur möglich berühren.

Arte Doku: Der Bauch von Tokio
Filmtipp – Wie Tokyo mit Lebensmitteln und Wasser versorgt wird. Interviews mit Leuten vor und nach 3-2011. JapanerInnen, die vor der Radioaktivitaet Angst haben, berichten über Ihr Leben davor und danach. Ein Thema, das in den japanischen Medien totgeschwiegen wird.

Aus Unwissen: Im Frühjahr 2011 tranken 2,5 Millionen Menschen 8 Tage lang Wasser, dass mit radioaktivem Jod belastet war. Bis heute hat die Anlage Probleme mit radioaktivem Cäsium.

Zwei Sätze für 300 Tonnen radioaktives Wasser
Japans Regierung gab offiziell bekannt, dass bei Fukushima ein gigantisches Verseuchungsproblem besteht. Kaum eine Meldung wert?!


Nuclear Energy in Japan von Tabea Sano, Autauschstudentin in Japan
In Erinnerung an Fukushima Frischer denn je
To be in the spotlight for a cause Eine Meinung bilden und vertreten muss gelernt sein

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