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The world is full of noise

Posted by jjerlich on 9. November 2018

The world is full of noise and those that are the loudest are the ones we tend to follow but what about the quiet ones?

If you take 2:48 min and listen to

like I did and be very curious about the quiet ones.

I have made it my mission to always include the quiet ones, to stand up for them, make space, be quiet to be able to listen with all my senses.

I am very sad knowing that all the ideas quiet people have are hidden, not shared with the world because the owners of these ideas are too shy to intercept and speak. In our fast time, every thing is fast, there is hardly a break at all in the flow of the day, in the discussion at work or at the conference you choose to attend.

The world needs all of us, it needs YOU. Your ideas and your views need to be heard,

It would be great if YOU give us the honour of sharing your thoughts with us so that we can walk this pathway together,

In case you don`t know, I am one of the quiet ones. I do take my happy time to come out, speak or share my views, at first I am the observer and listener before I have the courage to come out and contribute my expertise.

Why? Because I prefer the quiet way. I just don`t understand loud people.

I believe that really important things, things of the heart do not have to be spoken with loud voice.

Do you?


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Are you doing ok?

Posted by jjerlich on 23. October 2018

Do not wait until you have to use the emergency brake – share your thoughts and emotions …

A question asked very often, not often answered honestly and openly or to its full depth as it was meant.

I remember many times I asked this question to stranges I meant somewhere on the road, on an airport waiting for a connection, in a store or just walking by. Here is a short few lines our of a dialogues I remember …

Excerpt of a conversation

O: No not really. I’m feeling very tired and a little trapped in my work situation. I know what I need to do to change that but I don’t have the energy and am struggling with the motivation. I’m in the ‘in between place’. Leaving my old world but not in the new one yet. Thank you for asking.

J: Fully feeling you – this is the most difficult situation I can imagine. My health coach and best friend tells me that in that situation you need to listen to your body and rest. The energy will come again, but we do need to rest when our mind and body is telling us. I see it as a goodbye somehow. A time to acknowledge that the old ways were good for us also, we did right and well. And then it needs some unlocking time to disconnect from the old. It just can not work to jump from the old into the new. It needs an in-between to re-organoze, re-energise and re-focus. I am sending you a big hug!
Stay put and enjoy yourself to relax, sleep and do nothing. Give yourself the permission to do that. You certainly have the permission of the universe!


Thank you for the courage to share your inner truth with me, stranger!

One of the motivations why I organize FuckUp Nights is because it is an in-between place, a place of reflection where you can openly share your thoughts without being judged. This protection also works real wonders when you need to protect yourself from yourself.


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High impact learning stories

Posted by juttajerlich on 17. June 2016

Looking for people open to share their high impact learning stories @FUN_Basel


Die erste FUN Abend war sehr erfolgreich – wir hatten 60 Besucher und eine sehr positive Atmosphäre, die allen – Speaker wie Besucher – erlaubte, Erfahrenes und Gelerntes zu teilen.

Besonders gefreut haben wir uns über den Bericht am selben Tag in der Basler Zeitung, der weitere nicht angemeldete Besucher zu uns brachte.

Die kommenden Termine

Passt einer der Termine in Ihren Zeitplan?
Wollen Sie einen Speaker Slots reservieren?

Sprechen Sie mit uns über einen Speaker Slot – wir melden uns bei Ihnen:

——————- v — E N G L I S H — v ——————-

The first FUN.Basel was great – we had about 60 participants and a great atmosphere where people – speakers and visitors – could really share the experiences and what they did learn from them. It was wonderful to have a one page article in Basler Zeitung about FuckupNights and our event that day which brought us a few more non-registered people.

We have the next event dates planned now:

Does one of them fit into your calendar?
Should we reserve a speaker slot for you?

Speak to us about a Speaker Slot – we will contact you:

high impact learning @fun_basel


Funbasel Tickets July 7, 2016


FUN.Basel Speakers Briefing EN
FUN.Basel Speaker Briefing DE


A phenomenal opening
Erstmals in Basel
The first time

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Fünf Jahre nach Fukushima

Posted by jjerlich on 4. March 2016

Sehr gerne leite ich folgende Ankündigung weiter:

Judith BrandnerLiebe FreundInnen, KollegInnen, Fukushima/Japan-Interessierte!

Ich freue mich, Euch die Sendetermine meiner ersten TV-Reportage über Japan bekanntgeben zu dürfen und hoffe auf reges Interesse! Bitte gerne an weitere Interessierte weiterleiten.

Mit lieben Grüßen,

Judith (Brandner)


ORF2 WELTjournal

WELTjournal-Reporterin und Japan-Expertin Judith Brandner zeigt auf ihrer Reise durch Fukushima die menschliche Tragödie der atomaren Katastrophe auf.

Fukushima – Leben mit der Atomkatastrophe

09.03.2016, 22:30 Uhr

11. März 2016, ORF 2, 12:20 Uhr
11. März 2016, ORF 3, 14:35 Uhr

sowie 7 Tage zum Nachschauen in der ORF tvthek


Fünf Jahre nach dem verheerenden Atomunfall von Fukushima drängt die japanische Regierung die Atomflüchtlinge zur Rückkehr in ihre Dörfer. Nach intensiver Dekontaminierungsarbeiten werden die Evakuierungszonen nach und nach aufgehoben. Viele Menschen misstrauen den Beteuerungen der Regierung, doch wer nicht in die freigegebenen Gebiete zurückkehrt, verliert die monatliche Entschädigungszahlung von rund 760 Euro.

Besonders dramatisch ist die Situation der sogenannten “freiwilligen” Flüchtlinge aus Gebieten außerhalb der Sperrzonen, unter ihnen viele Mütter, die aus Sorge um die Gesundheit ihrer Kinder geflohen sind: sie haben von Beginn an keine Entschädigung erhalten.

Trauer über den Verlust der Heimat, Angst und Perspektivenlosigkeit prägen das Leben der Menschen. Die Unsicherheit über die unsichtbare Gefahr hat einen Keil in die Bevölkerung getrieben und zum Verlust von Freundschaften und Beziehungen geführt.

Judith Brandner

Journalistin ö1; Publizistin

Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Vienna/Radio


ユーデイット ブランドナー

ラジオ ジャーナリスト。作家。



Mehr von Judith Brandner auf Kulturimpuls


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The CE seeds flourish

Posted by juttajerlich on 21. February 2016

This year we had the record of groups and participants at the start and also at the end – this means that only 4 groups of out 27 did not reach the goal.

What is exceptional is that several groups contacted me with the news that they will actually pursue their project as a business venture and could already connect with potential partners for the implementations. Other reported that their projects are used for their thesis or that the Creativity Engineering work lead to a internship in a company.

The e-heels Project – the use of piezoelectric materials inside an insole to produce energy

Great to hear these news!
Even more interesting is when alumni stay in touch after their Creativity Engineering course and let us know about the ventures they started based on the seed that was planted at the Vienna University of Technology.

Sometimes there is a long incubation period but the virus did find a host … 🙂 – here is one case to share with you:

I want to congratulate Johana who was at the Creativity Engineering Summer School I was teaching in Vienna in 2012. I am very happy to see that Creativity Engineering was part of the road to lead her to become the Cofounder and Director of C-INNOVA.

Happy to hear from all your ventures …




Read more about Creativity Engineering

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