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Loosing yourself …

Posted by jjerlich on 21. December 2016

whatsapp-image-2016-12-20-at-21-11-54Do you know this deep feeling of sadness in your body that is not really on the surface but feels like a heavy dark load you carry around?

This beautiful photo somehow visualizes this feeling for me. It makes me sad when money is the reason why relationships break, talent is wasted and health is sacrificed.

In the last years humanity has seen so many proofs that money and the systems we have created do not contribute to our happiness.

Still we all depend on it and it makes or breaks a person to have it or not.

Then I met Martin Altherr in a discussion about different ways to look at “money”. He asked me:

What is your relationship with money?

I did not have an answer right away. As a creative person, in the business of inspiring others to grow and nurture their ideas, there are not many questions that I have not been asked before. This is one of those questions. The development and change that followed is very interesting and still ongoing.

JOIN me at Martin’s  Webinar next week where he wants discuss with us how we do and should relate to money.

Perfect timing for forming your new years resolutions 2017.



Webinar Series: Demystify the Grand Illusion

** Unfortunately all seats are booked and registration is closed **


Always enjoying to share inspiring thoughts and intriguing concepts


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Am Theaterfestival in Weiz

Posted by traudljerlich on 24. June 2016

Ein Sachthema auf die Bühne bringen ist keine einfache Sache. Die Texte und Szenen mit den Kindern erarbeiten, auch nicht. Vor allem mit so vielen verschiedenen Nationen und einem Kind mit Autismus. Meine Hochachtung!

Herkunftsländer der Kinder

Leider konnte das Theaterstück medientechnisch nicht (ausser durch einige Fotos) festgehalten werden.

Ich durfte die Gruppe begleiten und miterleben, wie lehrreich und gleichzeitig beruhrend das Thema verarbeitet wurde. Für Sie hier nun der Inhalt des Stückes in groben Zügen:

TiSCH (Theater in SCHÖNAU) – Wassertheater2

Die Wassertropfen können tönen – Ein Gedicht über von Jams Krüss erzählt davon.

Die Wassertropfen sind an der Quelle und „sprudeln“ hervor.

Wasserfragen werden gestellt, jedoch nur mit einer Gegenfrage beantwortet.

Danach treffen Menschenkinder auf das Wasser und missbrauchen es als Müllhalde. Das Wasser wird krank und leblos. Die Menschenkinder werden durstig, aber das verschmutzte Wasser können sie nicht trinken.

Also bauen sie eine Kläranlage. Die Menschenkinder erzählen über ihre Gefühle und fragen sich, ob das Wasser auch Gefühle haben kann. Sie werden darüber aufgeklärt, dass das Wasser Zustände haben kann – Aggregatzustände. Das Publikum durfte fühlen: Eiswürfeln und Wasser wurden gereicht.

Danach brauchten die Menschenkinder Strom und da bauten sie sich ein Wasserrad. Aber ohne Wasser ging nichts.

Also kam das Wasser und die Reise der Wassertropfenkinder ging weiter ans Meer. Dort angekommen, das große weite Meer genießend, feierten die Wassertropfenkinder ihr Ziel.

Jedoch die Sonne tauchte auf und verlangte: „Wassertropfenkinder, ihr müsst weiter!“

Am Ende wurde das Gedicht: Wasserkreislauf noch einmal mit Klanginstrumenten dargebracht.


Ich bin gespannt, ob und wie es nächstes Jahr weitergeht und freue mich, wenn ich wieder dabei sein darf …


Theaterfabrik 22. und 23. Juni 2016

Theaterfabrik in Weiz

LAUT! Landesverband für außerberufliches Theater Steiermark

Theaterprojekt Wanted 2015

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The Art of Learning from Mistakes

Posted by juttajerlich on 19. April 2016

Book your seatWeil Fehler zum Erfolg führen
Because errors are on your way to success
Parce que l’erreur est source de succès

We cordially invite you to

the first ever FuckUpNight in Basel

12.May 2016

The Basel region is Switzerland’s most dynamic and innovative economic area. Located at the heart of Europe, right next to Germany and France, is is also known for the incomparable art and architecture scene and its lively approach to life.

Trilingual – English, German and French.

Here are the links you need for more details, reserving your seats, joining the FUN.Basel community to engage in your City and be ready for future dates.

Why are we doing this?

————– Take the time to think about this ————–

How do you define success?
How do you look at mistakes and errors?

… exactly … it is a question of definition and interpretation.

A short research leads to the definition of a “fuckup” as a serious or severe mistake. A quick look at history of the word “failure” shows that the origin of its meaning was “non-occurrence”, it’s use changed over time.

Looking at the word FAIL as an acronym is my choice:

FAIL = First Attempt In Learning

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27 Teams at the Creativity Engineering Semester Start

Posted by jjerlich on 16. October 2015

CE WS15-16

Have you come across Whataventure ?

An Austrian Startup that believes in empowering teams across the world to execute new tech-based business ideas with success. Their Innovation Platform guides you through a state-of-the-art process to grow your ideas to investment readiness.

This year’s CREATIVITY ENGINEERING class has the privilege to use their tool along the process of growing their ideas.

The CE class this WS2015/1016 is the largest ever since its starts 8 years ago. This lead to 27 teams that formed on the start of the semester.

G01 Smart Home
G02 BioFuel
G03 AccoMobile
G04 Mobile CRM for Therapists
G06 Education Games
G07 Research Finder
G09 Ski Boots
G10 ReTroCycling
G11 CommunicAPE
G13 Automated Hail Protector
G15 Independent Tire Sensors
G17 Keep it GREEN
G18 Reliable Delivery
G19 Retro Market
G21 Parking Lots
G23 EcoCrowd
G25 Sorting BIN
G27 Hexagon

… updates to come

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New season – great ideas

Posted by juttajerlich on 1. November 2014

Vienna, 13.10.2014

WP_20140830_004The Creativity Engineering Course at the Vienna University of Technology is on again. After the traditional TEAM FINDING phase that takes place online and offline, teams have taken their seats.

This is the 8th year. Registrations keep on raising: this time we reached the mark of 250 which lead us to the highest number of projects and students in the course ever.

I am looking forward to working with the teams. It will be a challenge with such a large number of projects and students. A challenge that I am willing to take, asking for support and help from people interested in helping ideas to grow.

Interesting and diverse projects, this year almost all of them are based on IT or IT related technologies. We had an entertaining TEAM CASTING event with great discussion of the ideas and a rating from the entire class for each idea.

Discussed feedback from our session:
It would be great to have more input from students studying social sciences to complement the teams.

Therefore we are looking for

  • Students who want to join in and lend the teams a hand or ear
  • Educators who want to join in to discuss a collaborative approach for the next session

Here is a selection of the projects

:: Walking in the past        :: Coffee personality check        :: Awake Alarm

:: Multi-Codebar Reader         :: Digital legacy        :: Noise cancelling        :: Empathic phone

:: The Bridge        :: First aid furniture        :: Voucher app for charity        :: Order Button



Other articles about Creativity Engineering


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Wings for Life – Uplifting Experience

Posted by juttajerlich on 6. May 2014


The Wings for Life World Run is the first time ever that a global race took place in 33 countries and 34 locations at the same time. For me it was the proof that we can all do something together at the same time. It was the proof that the technology we have at our fingertips can actually bring us together and unite our minds and spirits for one cause.

This is just wonderful and a very powerful realization.

How did the idea for participating in this event get started?

Having worked with teachers and students for many years, I started to hear from teachers over and over that students do not read their study materials any more, everything is too long or too much. There is no motivation to learn. There is too much information out there and it is hard to choose. In contrast, in a conversation with a friend, he was telling me about the motivation – no actually much more than that – the dedication of Iron Man competitors or Marathon runners. I started to think about how I could find a way to put such kind of passion into learning. I went on a quest to discuss this with students and they told me that it would be great for them to see real life implementations of networking technology they can study and learn from.

Then the Wings for Life World Run project was presented to me and it made “klick”.

In technical terminology the technology that made this event possible is called nowadays called Internet-of-Everything Technology and Networking Technology is at its heart. I am supporting and promoting the Networking Technology Education Program for the IT Solutions provider Cisco Systems, the Cisco Networking Academy. This Education Program is in 165 countries and with its 1.000.000 students worldwide it is called the largest classroom of the world.

Such an event happening was the invitation from life, the unique opportunity to connect people with passion to learners by allowing them to take a look behind the scenes to understand the technological solution and see in front of their own eyes what it takes in terms of team work and leadership to implement a global race. To have this opportunity alone is great but there was another challenge I added. We shared the information and knowledge gained with the larger international network of learners in the Networking Academy program in many countries.

Here are my reflections about how it all went:

Did the experience prove true to your expectations?

The answer is a definite YES.

It is actually more than a Yes, because it exceeded my expectations. Being able to meet the people who had the idea of a World Run and the huge team who made it reality is more than I could imagine. Each single person is fully committed to making the event a success with his or her heart and mind. This energy will touch you. It will inspire you.

Every group member took his own time to feel the energy in its full power.
“Wow, this is exactly what I would love to do as a job …”
“… you started your company with 25?
“I need to plan for this next time … .”
“ … thanks … it is great to be here.”

It is so exceptionally motivating to see a world that is doing the run together as ONE. Being part of this effort by making it a learning experience adds another level that should help to unite the youth in making the world theirs.

Did the students really learn what you expected them to learn?

Our group with Felix, Maximilian, Ivica, Nathan and Kevin was just great. The group was diverse – they were all from different backgrounds, with different interests and skills, at different stages in their life – and at the same time they were all ambitious, open to each other’s views and ideas which helped immensely to quickly find a way to work as a team. It was amazing to feel how sad we all were when our time together was over, including me. They all learned to communicate and share their knowledge in a team and for a larger network. A skill that is so important for any job in life, but rarely ever taught in school or university.

What was the most important for me: I could see the spark in their eyes when they fully understood the essence of my message. How do you know when that happens? Usually a person is rather quiet at that moment and you can literally see this moment of understanding, this insight in their eyes and facial expressions.

What was not so good or needs further improvement?

My real world learning activity was not that easy to explain. It is a complex collaboration on more than one level between five stakeholders who could not have done this alone. It is only possible to be successful if all partners bring their part to the table. Multi stakeholder partnerships are hard to explain and require not only the right attitude but also the ability to recognize an opportunity at the right point in time and in the fitting context.

It is just hard to explain to someone. It is hard to put in a few words. We live in a time of information overflow and people do not (have the time to) read any more. Marketing and Communication have to be short, precise and if possible, less than 140 characters, to be used in twitter messages to catch the interest of readers. Well, this is extraordinarily difficult when trying to explain a project that requires a multi stakeholder partnership to realize.

It seems that people are not able any more to identify opportunities and projects that are worth their time and effort. Continuing this work I will have to find better ways to explain the opportunities or find different words or images to make people understand their significance.

I want to thank each and everyone who did take the time to read the materials and to speak to me. Each single person who involved him or her in this project did so because of a personal relationship with me or another person I personally know or work with.

Thanks for trusting in me and my initiative.
I will build on this foundation we created for future collaboration and the next Wings for Life World Run on the 3rd of May 2015.

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War for Talents

Posted by jjerlich on 9. September 2013

Geeks EuropeQualified and competent talents are missing everywhere

Instead of job portals where huge numbers of applications have to be filtered and HR and talent recruiters overflown with resumes from around the globe, not really knowing how to filter this data, Atlassian, a company from Australia started it’s “Europe, We’re Coming to Steal Your Geeks” campaign.

What lead to this decision: due to a limited supply of software developers in Australia they decided to look for programming talent in Europe. They decked out a bus, conducted interviews and hosted informational meetups at local coffee shops and pubs – all with the purpose of luring highly skilled developers back to Australia’s ‘Silicon Beach’ with a job at Atlassian and an all-expenses-paid relocation package to Sydney.

Does that mean that we have enough skilled talent in Europe?

No, it does not.

AUSTRIA   IT Qualification Study IBW [German]
Institut für Bildungsforschung der Wirtschaft www.ibw.at
“Alumnis of IT HTLs, IT studies on Universities and Universities of Applied Science are lacking.”
SWITZERLAND   ICT-Fachkräftesituation: Bildungsbedarfsprognose 2020 [German]
French Version
ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz  www.ict-berufsbildung.ch
“Need for IT Skills in 2020: 72‘500 persons, lack in 2020: 25‘000 persons.”
GERMANY   Technology Adoption Workforce Issue Study
undertaken by CompTia
“45 % of business leaders in Germany believe that internal IT competency does not or only partly satisfy the need of the company.”


Talent and culture are the key drivers of future success. A company needs to find incredible people who feel passionate about what they do and therefore can create a culture where people feel they can deliver the best work of their careers.


Read about Innovative Recruitment Campaigns

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