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FUN.Basel Vol XII

Posted by jjerlich on 26. May 2018

Looking back to the evening of 24. May 2018 – here is what we learned from our speakers:

Antonio Bene

Antonio Bene

Antonio shared a very personal story of how to breaking away from family patterns was essential for him to break the situation he was in and has shaped him as the person he is today.

For me, martial art activates power, passion and courage for achieving my goals!

The combination of martial arts exercises and systemic constellation techniques are important elements in his work as an Inspirational Coach & Trainer for personality development.

If you want to meet Antonio as a teacher of Samurai, start here www.samurai-basel.ch



Lilian NjokiLilian Njoki

Lilian has told us her story, actually many stories about ventures she started, business she ran and the many situation where she missed essential clues that would have required a different decision. What always worked for her is being a trainer, a sport coach and a role model for others working on her program every day. You can not actually stop her, she will come again and again.

Whatever you do – do not dare to give up!

Lilian loves to speak on stage, furthermore she is a meditation teacher and events manager with customers such as the Roger Federer Foundation for Africa. She is the CEO of African Expo Switzerland, and founder of Tell Your Story.



Josh LeventJosh Levent

Josh shared his story about the time when he found out that he lacks compassion working with other people. Because of this he lost his dream job. Since then, emotional intelligence became one of his strength and this is the message he shares with everyone:

Emotional Intelligence is key!

He did share much more than that with us, check out the Facebook Live stream



Thanks to our Fan crowd.
See you again soon …

The Organiser

Jutta Jerlich



FUN BASEL Vol XII Speakers 24.5.2018

Photos at our Facebook Page

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Reclaiming my life

Posted by olguitac on 17. May 2018

ReclaimingI too had fear of failure. I knew I wanted to do something different than what most people where doing around me, at some point I believed in my “talents” and I went ahead and pursued them. I did theater, sang, wrote poetry and a lot more creative stuff. Every time I got positive comments from my friends, family and some strangers I couldn’t believe them.

I was never pressured to follow some type of career path, was completely free to do whatever I wanted; but still didn’t do it. I sabotaged myself thinking I wasn’t good enough, compared myself with the great ones and wondered how I was going to able to live up to them, without realizing I was doing it all wrong. I believed I had to be perfect just to be able to reach some level of success. I put so much pressure on  myself that I stopped believing in who I was.

So what did I do? I numbed myself. I chose a steady job that at some point I thought it was my call, I followed the norm: ‘Enjoy what you have (which I always do anyway) and don’t wish for more’. I stayed away from anything creative and just went to work day to day.

It wasn’t as “easy” as I thought, I still reminisced of all the poems I wrote and how everybody loved the sweet sound of my voice even when I didn’t reach the full potential of the notes, read endlessly just so one day I could write a book, my very own book, but still thought I wasn’t good enough.

I believe nothing lasts forever, everything changed for me the moment I was surrounded by some situations with some people that broke me inside that left me with the only option to put the pieces together again. There was not another “easy” way out. It was so bad I would cry every day and sometimes at night before going to bed. I would complain to my husband all the time, I was breaking, was hurting and had no idea how to get away from it all.

Until one day this person was telling me things and I couldn’t comprehend, it was as if she was crushing me, as if she was imposing some hidden rules that everyone must follow even when you know they are wrong, I felt like I couldn’t be with people whom prefer to shut up than speak up. That wasn’t me and I came across that day when I felt like I had to get out and that’s exactly what I did. I left and never looked back.

This has been the best year because after that storm everything else feels like sunshine.

Now I’m already putting the last pieces of me together reclaiming my talents back, me and myself. I’m writing that book in Spanish even if it’s not perfect, singing even when I don’t know those notes, writing songs (a first for me) and back in a theater play. I’m grateful for the trust my friend Jutta has in me posting in her blog what I write in English. Today, in this moment right now I’m feeding my soul, not listening to society.

Some might say I wasted time in my prime years (whatever that means) but I don’t care, because I’m starting to live my truth.

If I can do it, what’s stopping you?


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