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Creativity Engineering – Kaleidoscope of Feedback

Posted by juttajerlich on 29. January 2013

This year’s Creativity Engineering Class was able to inaugurate the team feedback tool to allow us to learn about perceptions of communication, teamwork and situation awareness among team members. I would like to share a few comments received:

Topic: Value of working in teams

“Together we are faster and stronger, with more ideas and solutions! ”

“If you work alone on a project there is often a lack on feedback, as you only see the good points of your idea. Therefore, it was really awesome to have some critical people within the group.”

“Having people from different academic background improves the idea generation process a lot.

Topic: What did I learn in the course

“I learned how different the roles of every group member can become after a while, even if you try to fix and discuss them right at the beginning.”

“I looked at our ideas from viewpoints different than the usual ways.”

“I learned working in a group and listen to other people.”

“We all learned to come to a compromise.”

Topic: Personal Achievements

“Learned about some tools used in business analysis and planning.”

“I am happy about my performance because I managed to do stuff I had never done before.”

“The strongest arguments win, so if you want something you have to argue very well. You would never learn this alone, because then you will make your own decisions.”

“I learned that as the only woman in a group, the way you have to state your case is differently. Because it can easily happen that you are not heard.”

One example of a situation during group work

“One weakness of our project was that we are dependent on suppliers. I explained this, two others agreed and I updated my point with some comments. But there was another understanding of this point from one more team member. He explained it and it was amazing. Because his understanding was completely different. I could not say that it was wrong. It has been interpreted in a totally different context and perception. And at that moment I realized that I brainstorm with participants from other countries is more efficient. Each of us knows something that is not available to another due to cultural differences. But when this knowledge is together, it creates a superposition principle like in physics.”

What do you think?

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