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Creativity Engineering News: Interesting new group topics

Posted by jjerlich on 31. October 2012

Each course is very different and here are this year’s group topics. Looking forward to to all results and more so to the way each one of the participants gets there …

G1 – City innovation study
G2 – The Human Power Plant
G3 – Online Platform Lecture Notes
G4 – Electric Scooter – Green bike
G5 – website for sharing recipes for people with medical situations
G6 – Group Traveling
G7 – Transportation Development in Cities
G8 – Social Magnetism brings poles together
G9 – Buddy Shopping
G10 – Multicopter
G11 – Synchronize ya Family
G12 – Control of objects by thoughts
G13 – Effect of colour in the building
G14 – Online learning platform
G15 – From traditional office work to work from home
G16 – Sustainable energy/resource saving
G18 – re-gain Energy
G19 – Eco Loco
G20 – Unused urban spaces
G21 – Uses for recycled waste
G22 – Team up

Interested in one of them?

Happy to connect with you. Just get in touch with me.

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TU Wien Moodle TUWEL

Posted by juttajerlich on 25. September 2012

Follow the flower trail

Hint for where to find the login at the Moodle Platform of the Vienna University of Technology. Click on the pic to enlarge it.

Wie man den richtigen Login Kopft zur Moodle Platform der TU Wien findet. Sie brauchen eine grosse Ansicht ? Ja, gern – Bitte auf das Bild klicken.


Step-by-Step Guide

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Quote of the week

Posted by jjerlich on 7. June 2012

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves.
The process never ends until we die.
And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”

Eleanor Roosevelt.

– It is so much easier (and nonproductive !) to blame others for our lives, our choices, our decisions.
– …

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Impact of Learning – or Common mistakes in how to measure learning impact

Posted by juttajerlich on 1. April 2012

Measuring Learning
The easiest way to measure something is always by capturing numbers. Hard facts. But there are also soft facts that are equally important but a great deal harder to capture, measure and track. These soft facts ultimately drive hard facts. Without accounting for the soft facts, numbers will not change.

Leader know how many variables can impact hard numbers in a complex business – sometimes even anecdotal evidence about how learning impacts performance is more compelling. Including the views of all stakeholders and making sure that you are not basing your concepts on assumptions are a way to ensure that you are on the right track.

While the perfect way of how to measure the progress in a complex process may really make sense, the practical implementation may fail because the measurement responsibility is usually distributed among many heads and the more complex it becomes, the less likely it is that the task will be executed accurately, thus providing figures that do not actually measure what you are trying to measure. This results in a lot of energy and resources spent with a mediocre or even worse result: numbers that you can’t count on.

How much time does it take to collect the required data and does it really prove what you are trying to prove?
What about questions that do not have a single right answer? Those dilemmas need to be managed. Such as measurement of learning impact – the subject of this article.

A very common pitfall in measuring impact is the lack of alignment with cultural norms and values. This is best explained with a personal question as an analogy to understand its relevance for organizations: Are you measuring happiness or personal success in terms of happy feelings or money in the bank?
The answer will most probably be a mixture of both, depending on your values and expectations in life.
Well, the same applies to organizations.

After you have done the hard work to define your mesaurement parameters, identify the sources and collected all the date, now it is about presenting. What can be learned from the collected data? Was it worth the effort? Do you know what needs to be changed to improve performance? Can you present the information in a way that everybody can understand its implications?

My bottomline is this question: Which of your business goals are related to learning?

If your answer is more than one – learning is an activity that needs to become part of everybody’s daily activity. Therefore it is more important and ultimately more effective to focus on creating a culture that allows open discussion about issues and problems as well as successed to allow the consequent learning impact to happen.

Listen to some thoughts about Reinventing The Workplace

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Sharing my V I S I O N ?

Posted by juttajerlich on 29. February 2012

Many centuries ago great architects were also engineers, philosophers and writers. So interdisciplinarity is not a new concept. Today new technologies and ICT tools open up a broad field of ways of how to innovate and make life better for all. We depend on creative and innovative people to sustain and develop our economy to fulfill the needs of our society.

The Course CREATIVITY ENGINEERING offers participants a chance to learn about their creative potential, understand about the implementation of ideas in a market environment and check how things work out when trying to make an idea become reality in a multidisciplinary team from different cultural backgrounds.

It is my vision to make Creativity Engineering a step forward and make it an event that takes place with partners in different locations on the globe. I am looking for people sharing this vision in universities and companies. Contact me if who want to be part of making sure that we learn how we can use our knowledge and creative potential in the work environment in todays offices in better ways.

↓↓↓ English ↓↓↓ ↑↑↑ Deutsch ↑↑↑

Vor vielen Jahrhunderten waren große Architekten auch Ingenieure, Philosophen und Schriftsteller. Interdisziplinarität ist kein neues Konzept. Heute eröffnen uns neue Technologien ungeahnte Wege mit Innovationen das Leben für alle zu verbessern. Wir brauchen kreative und innovative Leute zue Erhaltung und Entwicklung unserer Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft.

Der Kurs CREATIVITY ENGINEERING bietet Teilnehmern die Möglichkeit, ihr eigenes kreatives Potential besser kennen zu lernen, Erfolgsfaktoren bei der Umsetzung im Markt verstehen zu können und ausprobieren zu können, welche Probleme und Erfolge bei der Verwirklichung so einer Idee in einem interdiszipliären Team mit Mitglieder aus verschiedenen Kulturen entstehen können.

Ich habe die Vision einen Schritt weiter zu gehen und aus Creativity Engineering einen Event zu machen, der mit localen Partner an verschiedenen Orten rund um den Globus stattfindet. Liegt es Ihnen am Herzen, dass wir unser Wissen und kreatives Potential in der heutigen Realiatät der Arbeitswelt schlauer einsetzen lernen. Ich suche Leute an Universitäten und in Firmen, die diese Vision teilen. Kontaktieren Sie mich …

Lets start the dialog and connect with me

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