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I assure you

Posted by juttajerlich on 29. July 2016

“… my government is more corrupt than yours.”

This was one of the sentences I heard during the 2 week Summer School in Vienna. One of the sentences that made me smile.

Looking back at time we spent together in the course

Intercultural Competence and Effective Professional Communication in Globalized Societies

@ Innes Summer School 2016

we got quite a lot of topics covered.

Pictograms speak a universal language

We started with the slogan “Think global – act local” that was coined in 1969 and still is so valid today. Even more so, communication in a global society does request us to exactly follow this guideline.

We discussed …

  • Globalization vs. Localization
  • Essential importance of communication as a skill @work
  • Definition of culture and how it takes shape and form
  • Dimension of culture by Hofstede and Trompenaar
  • Management approaches affected

We experienced how virtual meetings look like and what functionalities are available to match a personal meeting in the digital space.

With being able to understand these tools available we went into the second week and received impulses from two expert talks:

EXPERT TALK with Valentina Stoeckler – The Future of Work

EXPERT TALK with Maggie Lu –  The Future of Management is Teal

Those thoughts served us as great inspiration for the project work that followed: 3 groups interviewed people in three different locations in the city.

As a non-traditional class where the learning is in the experience … what everyone takes with him or her is completely different  = Learning 2.0


Summer School 2016 Intercultural Competence

The Future of Management Is Teal

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