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Information is key – especially in a crisis

Posted by juttajerlich on 19. March 2011

April 4th, 2011

Graphical Map of Japan with current and continuously updated radiation and wind readings [visible with Mozilla Firefox only]

19. March 2011

The Japan earthquake has been showing in a very dramatic way how crucial information is and how media can be distorting the picture, confusing the people depending on the accuracy of the information and creating panic and fear. And fear is not a good basis for making right decisions.

I always thought that people are mature enough to understand that it is a STRENGTH to admit that there is something going wrong and report it to a larger group of people to work together to solve the problem.
This understanding is a pre-requisite if we want to solve the problems of our COMPLEX world of today. We need to work together crossing all sorts of boarders (national, language, religions, … ) in an international interdisciplinary group of experts – this is at least giving us a chance to be successful in solving problems.

Here are the websites that provided real information

AIST Tsukuba Center Headquarters for Disaster [EN]
Live Press conferences about the daily happenings [JP, EN]
Update on the happenings in Fukushima von Greenpeace [DE]
Gesellschaft für Anlagen und Reaktorsicherheit[DE]

I think that IT IS OUR MAIN TASK to UNDERSTAND this throughout all cultures and of the world and it is everybody’s responsibility to be part of this process and contribute where- and whenever they can.

I am feeling with the people of Japan … and sincerely hope that things will change for the better.


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